How to Post in the Departure Lounge (UPDATED: Dec. 11/07)

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How to Post in the Departure Lounge (UPDATED: Dec. 11/07)

Postby steve » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:12 pm

**** Dec. 11/07: Effective immediately the format of all Subject lines will be enforced as per the instructions below. Our new team of moderators will edit all subject lines, including those on existing topics, that do not conform to the standard. This will make it easier to quickly scan topics for a specific departure. Thank you. ****

Important Reminder: forum guests may read topics but in order to create topics you must register a username.

Please follow these three simple rules when posting a topic in the Departure Lounge. It will make it easier for your future travelling companions to find you and it will reduce duplicate threads.

Moderator Steve

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with the mandatory subject line format used in the Departure Lounge:

TTTTTYYMMDD: trip name - date

TTTTT = a 3 to 5 letter trip code, ie. PID or XVACS
YY = year of departure, ie. 07
MM = month of departure, ie. 06
DD = day of departure, ie. 14
trip name = trip name, ie. Inca Discovery (included to make scanning topics easier)
date = departure date, ie. June 14, 2007 ( " " )

for example: PID070614: Inca Discovery - June 14, 2007

Step 2. Search the Departure Lounge for your trip departure.
a) scan the current list of topics or, if there are too many to scan, click the "Search" link just below the banner at the top of the page.
b) in the "Search for Keywords" box enter the trip code and departure date, ie. PID070614, or "PID*" if you want a list of all PID departures.
c) in the Search Options section choose "the Departure Lounge" from the Forum drop-down menu
d) click the "Search" button at the bottom of the page

Step 3. If a topic for your trip departure does not exist please create a new topic using the subject line format listed above.
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