$1500 more to kayak? Help me understand the value.

Famous for its enormous icebergs, towering glaciers and shimmering summer light, Antarctica offers some of the planet's most awe inspiring landscapes. The North Atlantic and Arctic evoke images of sparse snow covered lands, but when summer comes it bursts with colour and life.

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$1500 more to kayak? Help me understand the value.

Postby g_traveller_140245f7 » Tue May 30, 2017 11:21 am

I am at a loss to understand why kayaking is an extra $1500 (for my booked 2018 trip). I've read the information, but I am just not understanding the extreme cost/value over the Zodiak activities.

Furthermore, if you sign up for kayaking, have you then forfeited all rights to Zodiak trips? Or if you do Zodiak instead, then you have just "wasted" the kayaking money? If the weather is lousy, and kayaking is impossible, is your money refunded?

Please help.

Thank you,
Kristi N.
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Re: $1500 more to kayak? Help me understand the value.

Postby laurenfarmer » Tue May 30, 2017 4:04 pm

Hi Kristi,

Exciting that you'll be joining us in Antarctica! What trip did you decide on. You are in for the time of your life!

I can't speak to the breakdown of the cost of kayaking (perhaps the G rep or travel agency you booked through might be able to provide that kind of information), I can provide some details on what you might experience as a kayaker. I've been involved with the kayak program both as a guest and now as a member of the expedition team. If you are one of the kayaking group, if the weather is suitable and kayaking fits within the overall operation plans, you will always have the chance to go out for a kayak. Before going out, the kayak guides will give you an idea of what you can expect from that particular paddle, and it is always up to you whether you choose to go kayaking or would prefer to go on a Zodiac cruise or to shore with the rest of the group, depending on what the day's activities are. So no, signing up for kayaking does not mean you forfeit other experiences, it is always up to you to choose how you want to spend your time based on the information given to you on the day, if it's been determined that a kayaking operation is possible.

What you can expect as a kayaker is the experience of really being out in the wild, as the paddlers are often away from the fleet of Zodiacs (except for a safety boat which always stays with the kayakers) and the ship, so it can be quite peaceful. It's a small group (maximum of 20) so there is a camaraderie and impactful group experience that goes along with being a kayaker. Kayaking can often afford you more intimate wildlife experiences with seals, penguins and even whales. There are of course guidelines we follow as far as how close we can be to wildlife, but naturally being "in" the water with them can provide some interesting experiences. Also paddling through brash ice is really amazing!

I hope that helps, and please do reach out to the G sales team as they can provide a lot more information as well.

- Lauren (G Expedition staff)
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Re: $1500 more to kayak? Help me understand the value.

Postby Collette » Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:51 am

I'm glad you asked this question - my Antarctica trip is in January 2018, and the kayaking portion is $1,799! I love kayaking and I know I would love it in Antarctica, but yikes the price! I would love G to explain why it costs so much. Do they actually get 20 people each trip? If not, do they offer the opportunity to go out on a charge-per-trip basis?
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