Ancient temples swallowed by the jungle, rice paddies, local markets, stunning beaches, fiery cuisine, smoking incense at the feet of a golden Buddha, and the friendliest locals around.

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Postby g_traveller_ae8e8b9f » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:23 am

I was wondering if some people have experience with the Roam Bangkok tot Singapore trip? A 14 day trip where you will explore a bit of Thailand, Malysia and Singapore.
I am thinking to do this trip in April and hope to here some storys of ex travellers.
What did you do and see?
How much money did you spend on food and activities?
How was the accomodation?
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Postby lenali » Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:27 am


I did the tour with G from Singapore to Bangkok in 2014, classic style, 14 days (called Colours of Asia but didn't end in Kuala Lumpur back then. We partly stayed in the same hotels). It was a nice tour, with a slow pace, plenty of free time, but, to be honest, not much to do. Malaysia is a beautiful country but it's more about all those different cultures/influences (chinese, arabic, indian, dutch, english etc.) getting along with each other, than great architecture, temples, mosques etc.. So mostly I just wandered around the citys, had a look at this and that, but missed the cultural excitement I felt in countrys like Laos, Cambodia or India. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful, but as these countrys have a high western like standard, I feel in retrospect that I could have done them easily on my own. But if it's your first time in Asia, then it's probably a nice idea to start with this one.

I love Bangkok, been there 5 times already! Visit Wat Po and the Grand Palace (500 baht entrance fee is really worth it! Besides the beautiful buildings you can see a mini version of angkor wat). Do your shopping in the mbk shopping center. Crazy :) The Centre Hotel is nice and clean. Good breakfast.

Krabi is a nice little city with a small harbor and a night market (make sure to taste the banana pancake!), but to get to the beach (probably Ao Nang) it would take you like a 30 minutes drive. J Mansion is an ok hotel with a very friendly boss (he ownes the hotel in Ao Nang we stayed in as well and he also runs the 1-day-snorkel-island-hopping-trip-company). The islands are beautiful, but, of course, there are a lot of tourists. If you have the chance, do the kajak-tour starting in krabi or visit the tiger cave temple (1200 steps to the top, start early in the morning and watch out for the monkeys)

George Town/Penang was the city I enjoyed the most. The street art walk around the town is fun and the Kek Lok Tempel is very impressive (take your time, don't rush and go all the way up in the tower, the view is fantastic!).

Cameron Highlands has a beautiful landscape, the clima is lovely and refreshing, the mossy rainforest walk a tiny exercise but other than that not much to do. Don't go to the reptiles farm, it's nothing like you would expect it (loads of butterflys, bullfrogs and some chameleons, that's it!)

Kuala Lumpur is just a big city, the towers are impressive but expensive to go up (rather go to one of the rooftop bars across the street, the view is just as nice). We went to the islamic art museum (really worth it although I'm not the biggest museum-fan). Also the batu caves/temple is worth a visit and the great mosque. The Mayview Hotel is nice and clean.

Melaka is a relaxed town again. Interesting to see all the different cultures (dutch quarter) mingling together!

In Singapore you can spend easily 3-4 days with different things to do. It is quite expensive, very western, very clean and extremely friendly! There's a free city guide tour every day at 10 am, doing each day an other tour. Gardens by the bay is nice to see, go there in the afternoon so you can do the ocbc skywalk during sunset - best view of the city. In the evening there is a free laser light show from the Marina Bay Hotel above the harbor. There are a lot of free art gallerys across the town (in metro stations etc.) and sometimes also free concerts. Best food in Little India or Chinatown. Hotel Bencoolen was the worst hotel we had on the whole trip. The breakfast took place in the parking lot... The Hostel we stayed in before the trip startet (bunc hostel little India ) was not even half the price but so much better!

For dinner or lunch we went mostly to some shopping malls and their food court. So everybody had their free choice of food. I can't remember how much money I spend overall, but it wasn't my cheapest holidays. Probably including the shopping, food and additional trips about 500 Euro for two weeks?

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