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Postby MCKEEN » Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:20 am

Hi to all,
Anyone know the VOLUME for the duffel the porters carry on this trip?
The weight is 7.5kg. I've received vastly different information on the volume however. This will greatly affect what gear I bring. Most recent info from my CEO is 20L.
20L wouldn't even hold 1/2 of the pack list G adventures details for us,
Other hikers have told me its around 90L, but this was in previous years. HELP! Thanks!
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Postby ipdan10 » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:54 pm

80L to 90L is about right. About the size of a The North Face medium duffle. I did the Annapurna trip last year. Each porter carries 2 bags (2-people's stuff) plus their own equipment & clothes. So they are pretty strict on the weight (tip them well too). Your sleeping bag and a pair of tea house shoes will probably take up a lot of the allowable weight. I suggest a down bag 0F to 30F and crocs to leave room for other stuff (carry at least 2 rolls of TP too :wink: ) and use compression bags for your stuff to fit too.
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Postby MCKEEN » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:19 pm

Unfortunately I recieved your reply after I left for the trip, but thank you!
Yes, we used the same bags but I would guess volume is max 60L..was about the same as my day pack.
As for the weight it wasn't enforced at all on our trip. G told us 7.5kg..when we got there it was suggested at 10kg for winter gear but most people's bags weighed at least 12kg.
Definately tipped the porters..all except for one irate New Yorker who felt she didn't need to tip anyone as it should be included ( but she hated Nepal and was generally miserable).
My sleeping bag was rated to -12C but I also used the teahouse blankets, a hot water bottle and slept in my thermals and hat almost everynight..its cold!!
Crocs were invaluable..bought them in Kathmandu as you won't want to wear hut booties into the toilets!
I hope G will leave this post on the website,you used to be able to post/read reviews and I found them extremely helpful.
Some items that are necessary for winter trips and not explicity as MUST items on pack list:
Mittens for Thorong La pass
warm down ( not down sweater as many people in our group had)
antibiotics ( everyone gets sick here..respiratory and gastro intestinal meds)
compression bags for gear
2 nalgene bottles or 1 nalgene and 1 thermos
water purification tablets/ vitamin C or nunn electrolyte tablets for flavour
alternatively a ceramic filter system..the boiled water we bought tasted pretty foul and often had particulates in it..the clean water sites were mostly closed off season.
heavy duty moisturizer ( vaseline or Nivea creme)
budget 2500-3000/day for teahouses..this is more than G suggests.
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