Prices of Souvenirs in India

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Prices of Souvenirs in India

Postby makeup_girl81 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:24 pm


I'm going on the Delhi to Goa Uncover India tour starting on Nov 19.

I know haggling is a big part of the Indian (Asian) culture.

Just curious if anyone can give me a basic outline for prices on common souvenirs so I don't get totally ripped off. I don't actually have any idea what these things are normally bargained down to and don't want to pay too much like a stupid tourist lol.

Any other common souvenir items ppl might suggest are welcome as well

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Re: Prices of Souvenirs in India

Postby whatcher » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:51 am


I know this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but I found a list of prices for common items needed in India.



Colgate 200gr 40-46 rps
Vicco (aruvedic) 200gr 60-65 rps
Toothbrush 10-20 rps


Johnsons 75gr 20-25 rps
Dove scented 75gr 24-28 rps
Medimix (aruvedic) 75gr 11-14 rps


Indian blades x 5 22-25 rps
Gillette GII x 5 80-90 rps
Gillette Mach 3 x 5 250-260 rps
Shaving Brush 15-30 rps
Shaving Soap 75gr tube 30-40 rps
Allum crystal 10-20 rps

Shampoo meduim 100ml 30-40 rps
Shampo sachet 5 ml 3-6 rps
Deodarant spray 80-200 rps
Deodarant roll-on 30-60 rps
Comb 5-10 rps
Brush 10 -30 rps
Tampons x 10 26-60 rps
Sanitary Towels x 10 60-80rps
Talcum Powder 100gr 55-80 rps
Toilet Paper 1 roll 20-45 rps
Tongue scraper 5-10 rps
Wet wipes 85-95 rps
cotton buds x 100 30-40 rps
Handwash 240ml 30-350 rps
Dental Floss ?
Condoms ?


Doxycycline 8x100mg 30-40 rps
Aspirine 10x25mg 2-4 rps
Lopermide/Immodium 10x50mg 12-18 rps
Tinadazol 10x 500mg 30-40 rps
Metronidazol 10x 500mg 70-80 rps
Norfloxacine 10x100mg 45-55 rps
Ciprofalxin 10x100mg 90-110 rps
Anti-Fungal cream 5gr tube 15-25 rps
Calamine Lotion 60ml 30-45 rps
Antibiotic powder 50gr 30-35 rps
Miconazole ? 25-30 rps
Quinine Sulphate 10x 300mg 50-60 rps
Tiger Balm small 20-25 rps
Local Muscle Balm 12-20 rps
Violini Muscle Spray 150ml 65-75 rps
Violini Muscle salve 100mg 50-60 rps
Oral Rehydration Salts x 1 8-45 rps
Box Of Bandaids medium 45-55 rps
Crepe Bandage 30-100 rps
Cotton wool 25gr 5-10 rps
Contact lense cleaner ?
Tulsi Cough Mixture 30-35 rps


Beer 1/2 litre 35-100 rps
Mineral Water 10-15 rps
Soft drinks Coca cola etc.
Small 200ml 5-10 rps
Medium 300 ml 8-15 rps
Large 500ml 15-20 rps
Family 2 litre 45-50 rps
Soda brand 8-15 rps
Soda Local 3-6 rps
Milk 1/2 litre 8-12 rps
Local Soft Drinks 300ml 6-10 rps


Batteries AA 6-7 rps
Batteries D 10-11 rps
Rubber flip-flops 15-30 rps
Candles medium size x 10 0-15 rps
Box of matches 50 paise-1 rps
Lighter 10-25 rps
Tobbaco Drum etc 150 gr 145-175 rps
Cigarettes x 10 8-30 rps
Washing Powder 200gr 20-25 rps
Washing powder sachet 20-25 rps
Camera film 200 ASA 95-120 rps
Camera film 400 ASA 100-135 rps
Advantix 120-150 rps
Mozzie coils x 10 15-25 rps
Electric Mozzie Zapper x 45 days 45-75 rps
Electric Mozzie refill x 45 days 30-45 rps
Internet 1 hour 5-60 rps
telephone to all countries per minute 7-15 rps

Anyway, I hope this gives you a basic idea. Hope this helps!

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Re: Prices of Souvenirs in India

Postby powley » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:09 am

going to delhi good luck the hawkers are very very pushy offer them about a quarter of what they ask
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Re: Prices of Souvenirs in India

Postby moviegeekjn » Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:27 pm

Haggle... haggle...haggle... and don't let on that you really want something when you walk away (they WILL follow you with another lower offer)

If you don't mind paying a few cents more, don't bother haggling so long
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