Mumbai layover

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Mumbai layover

Postby maura » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:19 pm

I am going on the dehli- goa trip and on the way home have a 9 hour layover in mumbai airport, flying in from goa at 8pm and leaving for dublin at 5am. have read some horror stories about mumbai airport since I boked this flight and am wondering if anyone has any advice about what to do?? can you really not enter the airport until 3 hours before fights? is it feasible to go to hotel e.g. hilton for dinner and then on to airport?? all suggestions welcome
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Re: Mumbai layover

Postby par » Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:00 pm

Hi, If you are already on the Uncover India trip, I hope you are having a wonderful time!! I returned from the same trip at the end of Oct and loved it. The airport in Mumbai was no problem. I did leave Goa at about 3pmish for a 7 pm flight to Mumbai and then had a little shorter wait than yours ( about 7 hours ) in Mumbai. The time did seem to go by quite quickly though with getting settled through security, browsing in the shops, trying out India's Subway sandwiches and talking with other passengers. What I learned in hindsight, is that I would of been more careful my passport by securing it safely like I had all through the trip, instead of just holding it in my hand or having it in my pocket at the airport. Nothing happened to me but I heard later on that my roommate's was stolen possibly at the airport.
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