Central America and Mexico Questions

Central American volcanoes, cities and markets; Mexican Mayan history and Caribbean beaches and rainforests.

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Central America and Mexico Questions

Postby kristasis » Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:26 am

Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding Central America and Mexico that I am hoping someone can help me with :)

I am leaving in December with the Central America and Mexico Southbound tour and just have a few questions, this will be my first time travelling on my own for the 46 days so am abit unsure about some things...

Q1. I was reading somewhere about bedbugs in central america and mexico and was wondering about these... Are they bad? I've never known about them before and was just wondering about them. What can you do to avoid them (if they are in the bed)? If they are bad would wearing insect repellant to bed repel them?

Q2. Do I need to take some sort of mosquito net for the beds?

Q3. I was reading in a medical health book that cholera immunisations are not required for central america, but that sometimes border officials ask for a certificate to say that you have been vaccinated against it... (although the book says that they are not required to ask this)... Has anyone come across this sort of situation before? Does anyone have any information regarding this?

Q4.I've read on this forum a lot that you should take a debit card and credit card as well as some cash etc. I am planning on taking a debit card and some other "cash passports", the travel cards you load money onto for travelling. I don't have a credit card as I don't like the idea of them and I am wondering is it absolutely necessary that I take a credit card if I am going to have a debit card and some cash passports and a little bit of cash as well...

If anyone can help with any of these questions I hope to hear from you. Thanks :) Krista
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Re: Central America and Mexico Questions

Postby eric » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:53 am

Hi Kristasis,

RELAX... you have done the right thing by reading up & asking the questions. But you are with GAP so most should work out OK!
Q1 Haven't done all of your trip... but I guess you should be ok.
Q2 Well I have taken my own mosquito net along (I had it for else where) but never found the need to use it on a GAP Latin America trip. Look at your trip notes for your trip.
Q3 Again I haven't done all your countries...
I would say - even if you are NOT from the UK, look up 2 of our Goverment Websites
For Country - Visa & other advice look up each country on
http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-liv ... y-country/
While he actual VISA avice per country may not apply to you... I'm sure it is a good
guide to medical requirements for entry. But Check your own country equivalent.
(For example the UK site won't say a Yellow Fever cert is required (For UK Passports)
but I think it is in the case of USA Passports holders entering 1 country .. not on your list)
For A UK Guide to Vaccinations / malaria per country look up
is a good starting point. (Read... understand... then discuss & take a view).
Q4. Your plan looks sensible.

Have a good trip.


Eric / London / England
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Re: Central America and Mexico Questions

Postby Zuleika » Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:50 pm

Agree with Eric.
Never came across bedbugs, although I guess you may get them if you use the cheapest of cheap hostels.
Never needed my own mozzie net - they tend to be provided in places that you need them - however duct tape is useful for taping the holes in said mozzie nets!
Never had the cholera immunization, nor been asked for proof of it.
One thing I would say though is that it is a good idea to take a credit card. It costs nothing to get one. And you can keep it for emergency use only if you don't like to use one. If your debit cards and other cards dont work and very often ATM's are a little hit and miss in these places - at least you can pay for goods, hotels and more importantly food and other essentials on your credit card. You can't on your debit card.
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Re: Central America and Mexico Questions

Postby coqui14 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:52 pm


Bedbugs are becoming very common problem everywhere: in cheap as in very expensive hotes. Recently, a well know fancy store had to be close in New York City because of the infestation of bedbugs. They are becoming a problem everywhere. I never encounter them until my last trip to Morocco where two hotels had them. There is not much you can do to avoid them just to let the hotel know and ask them to change your room. Bedbugs use to be very common in anciant times, and they got almost eliminated with modern pesticides. Now that we don't use them, they are becoming a problem again.

Debit cards work very well and they charge less fees than a regular credit card. You don't need to use credit card and is your choice if you want to carry cash all the way. Is less risky to withdraw cash in small amount when you need it than carry a lot. There are a lot of personal preferences. For some credit cards are great for some are not. Then, you have to do wherever comes easy for you.
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