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White space

Postby ExplorerWannaBe » Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:51 am

I already submitted my feedback via the Kampyle popup but I thought I'd reiterate it here in case anyone wants to disagree or agree with me. Overall, I like the new website but the way they use fixed page widths bugs me because it creates a lot of white space on either side of my browser window. More importantly, it causes unnecessary overflow in the columns when I'm comparing trips because the column widths are constricted which means I have to scroll up and down more.

I don't know who started this trend in webpage design or why but I quit eBay when they implemented their new user interface this way in January. Why you wouldn't use the full available browser window instead of programming for a fixed width is beyond me. We programmed for fixed width terminals 20-30 years ago but we could generally tell then that people would usually have 40 or 80 column terminals (well, maybe ... some elites had 132 columns but you could adjust your terminal specs accordingly).

I like how the website and forum keep me logged in unless I specifically log out now. Logging back in every 10-15 minutes was annoying.

Oh yeah, I think the new GAP logo stinks. Whoever came up with that garbage owes GAP a refund; it just looks ... stupid.
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