Greek Island Sailing - Night temperatures/Clothing

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Greek Island Sailing - Night temperatures/Clothing

Postby nikoleandmark » Thu May 22, 2008 5:47 pm

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are going to be going on one of the Greek Island Sails from Santorini-Santorini June 30th. I do expect Greece to be exceptionally hot, but was wondering what temperatures are like at night on the boat? Just trying to figure out how much warm clothing to pack. I know where I'm from nights on the water, no matter how hot the day, seem to always be chilly.

Also, we had read that going to dinner in Greece is a little formal, no shorts or what not. Just want to make sure that's true so we make sure we have suitable clothes for the evening.

One last clothing question, what is acceptable to wear in Greek churches? Obviously we wouldn't want to offend anyone but don't want to have to pack more than necessary given our smallish bags.

Thanks a ton!

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Re: Greek Island Sailing - Night temperatures/Clothing

Postby vinnie » Thu May 22, 2008 9:14 pm

July and August are the hottest months of the year in Greece. During the day it should be in the low 90'sF (or about 28C to 30C) with a north wind. At night it should go down to the low 70'sF by morning. The boat will be warmer than outside because the hatches are kept closed while the boat is under sail. In addition, most of the hatches are small. You will be issued a blanket but I have never known anyone to use it in July or August if they sleep inside. You can sleep out on deck if you wish (where you may like the blanket). I would not pack too many warm clothes.

Yes dinner is a little formal. Many ladies wear a simple dress or a skirt and top. Guys wear summer weight slacks or nice shorts with a nice shirt.
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