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Postby Myosotis » Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:25 pm

I have three free days to spend to Prague, before flying for Istanbul. I would like to have some suggestions of activities to do or places to visit, as well as some pubs and restaurants ideas.
That's my first time in Czech Republic.
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Postby Itchy_Feet » Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:53 pm

Definitely see the castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Town and Square, and the Jewish Quarter. Take a walking tour, they're comprehensive and the guides are pretty good. Don't miss walking along the river at night. The "skyline" is superb when it's all lit up. Petrin Park on top of the hill is lovely when the weather is good and if you climb the tower, the views are great. I stayed in a private home but if you want a good cheap place to eat, go to the Hanging Coffee Cup (don't remember the Czech name) on the road up the hill that does NOT head towards the castle. (If you are climbing up to the castle from Charles Bridge, when the road splits, go to the left). There is a coffee cup sign hanging outside. The food is tasty and very filling. As for day trips, I went to Terezin, one of the Nazi concentration camps. Sad but very educational and interesting. I'm not sure of other options but I'm sure there are some. Have a great trip!
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Postby careau » Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:54 pm

I concur: "Definitely see the castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Town and Square, and the Jewish Quarter. " I just walked and walked and walked for three days...such a beautiful city. I stayed near Wenceslas Square (lot`s of shopping if you like that sort of thing)

I also took a tour but had the misfortune of having a terrible guide. The only word I could understand was "cas-tel" but I have no idea what she said about the Castle. (I`m not the type of tourist who expects everyone in hotels, shops etc to speak English but when I pay for an english tour, I expect to be able to understand the guide.)

The places I ate weren`t very memorable...sorry I can`t recommend anything. The black light theatres are everywhere. They are ok, not exceptional.

I took a picture of the water under the Charles Bridge (on the Castle side) and have never had more compliments on a photo.
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Re: Prague

Postby Antonia » Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:19 am

Prague is beautiful - especially the old town so even just wondering around is great. I agree with the other posts - the castle area is beautiful, especially the cathedral.

Restaurant-wise I' m going from memory here so I'm sorry I can't remember names but I think a lot of good ones are mentioned in the rough guide. In the new town there's a great restaurtant with it's own micro brewary. They sell it by the shot glass too so you can try all the flavours. We had 8 shots lined up at one point! Definately recommend it - probably the first and only time I've had stinging nettle beer! It's fairly well known so it should be in the guide books.

Also, it's a bit of a treck but there's an amazing restaurant under the Strahov Monastery. It's like a gothic cave type place....definately different! Other than that, like a lot of Eastern European cities - it's all about the cellar bars! Have fun!
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Re: Prague

Postby effie918 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:57 am

My boyfriend and I were there for a week this February and had an awsome time. One thing I would definatly not miss is crossing Charles Bridge and taking a walk to the top of the castle at night. St. Vitus chucrch, which is within the castle walls is just amazing and glows so brilliantly at night. From the castle you can see the whole city glow at night too. There were also less crowds and people. We were there in Feb, so the castle gates closed at around 10pm or so, but they may be opened later in the spring. It just gives you a different perspective of the city and castle when you explore it at night.

We also took a tour of the Jewish quarter with one of the local tour guides. It was a very small group (5 pple) and very very interesting. One of the highlights. They offer a few different tours in english. Our guides name was Roman, and hes spoke excellent english. They hang out by the astonomical clock and have a white umbrella with a small sign advertizing tours in english. They are about 2 hrs long and are about $20 USD. The guides also give you tips on where to eat and answer any questions you have about the country in general.
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Re: Prague

Postby nomadicmatt » Sun May 18, 2008 1:59 pm

Male sure you also hang out in the sqaure and life go by.....its busy and crowded but excellent to see. Tyr Church is excellent to see too. Beautiful place.
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