daypacks for inca trail

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Re: daypacks for inca trail

Postby envirochick72 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:31 pm

So it's been a while for a post on here and my husband and I are just getting ready for the trip in June 2011. Just wondering if anyone suggests bringing your own thermarest? Also some suggested items you would take in your day pack and porter bag? Is the weight still 6kg? ~13lbs?
It seems like were are going to hit 3 canadian seasons each day, summer (+26), spring(-1) and fall (+10)... do you suggest packing light or medium or expedition weight poly pro?

Any information is welcomed :)
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Re: daypacks for inca trail

Postby ballu » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:20 pm

I rented a thermarest in Cusco...easy to do if you don't want to haul it around for the rest of your travels.

What to pack in your daypack is basically anything you'd need while hiking as you won't have access to your duffel bag. Water, snacks, rain coat, camera, sweater, toilet paper, maybe flashlight?. I did this back in 2004, but I doubt it has changed much.

The duffel bags are pretty small so you won't be able to bring much or really exceed the weight limit. In the duffel bag will be your sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, deck of cards, maybe a book or journal...stuff you won't need while you're hiking, but will need at camp.

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Re: daypacks for inca trail

Postby DanielBMe » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:45 pm

You'll be able to rent a mattress just prior to the Inca Trail which will be arranged by your guide. I found it pretty comfortable. I would also recommend at least one hiking pole as well.

I went in August last year and the weather was fantastic. Hot during the day and the coldest we encountered I was fine with a tshirt topped by a fleece sweater and a wind breaker. Not sure how much colder June is. We had sunshine everyday and no rain.
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