Ecuador Multi-Sport - SEEM

From the mystical peaks of the Andes to the tango rhythm of Argentina, South America has an undeniable energy that pervades everything.

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Ecuador Multi-Sport - SEEM

Postby cmh69d » Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:17 pm

There is an older posting about this tour that is very negative. I read it and almost didn't go on this trip; I'm glad I changed my mind. This is a fabulous trip and highly recommended.

You don't need to be exceptionally fit - you need to be able to do strenuous activity every day and have mental and physical toughness about you. You won't regret this trip.

Key points if you are going to go on this trip:

- yes you are on a public bus for the first two legs. However, it is clean and you sit as a group - no big deal
- Learn some basic spanish such as numbers, how to ask a question, travel vocabulary and greetings
- you will get a kit list from G before you go - take a second bathing suit and a microfibre towel with you. Also take a pair of flipflops. Your hiking shoes will get muddy. Perfect plan is hiking shoes, hiking sandals and flipflops.
- when you are in Banos - go to Casa del Arbre - the swing at the end of the world. Jose and Two Dogs was our tour company and they set it up for us. Breathtaking views and beautiful experience
- for the hike, you will be offered rubber boots - if you don't have gaitors (highly recommended) or ankle length hiking boots, take them. Best $2 you will spend
- don't forget a corkscrew :-)
- food and activities are actually pretty expensive - I recommend taking $400-$500 in cash with you so that you don't look for a bank machine.
- Make sure you do the tour at the equator - however - don't go to the big flashy one - go to the GPS one, way better value for money.
- take bug juice and suncreen. Even if you rarely burn, the sun is unlike anything else.
- take gravol for motion sickness either in the boat or on the roads - they are very windy
- The canyoning activity is fantastic at Banos - great experience.
- Take a ruggedized, waterproof camera if you can - I had my Olympus Tough 810 with me and it was fantastic.

This was a great and awesome experience with a fantastic CEO. You won't regret booking this.
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Re: Ecuador Multi-Sport - SEEM

Postby sinecure » Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:31 pm

Thanks for your feedback, the comments people submit post trip are used and read to make future trips better. They don't sit in a stack in the corner like some other companies.
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