Peruvian money

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Peruvian money

Postby ds-pollock » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:25 am

Should I take American cash or Peruvian money. Wondering if smaller restaurants only accept Peruvian cash.
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Re: Peruvian money

Postby Janice08 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:37 am

It's easy to exchange US dollars for Peruvian. There are money changers in all the tourist areas. There are also ATM's. The problem we had was getting small bills. The money changers and ATM's gave out bigger bills and a lot of the stores and restaurants only wanted smaller bills so they wouldn't have to give out so much change. We often ended up paying for meals and tips as a group so we could pool the total and at least some of the people could get smaller bills out of it (one or two people would pay for everyone with their large bills and the others would pay those people with small bills). If you are considering traveller's cheques, bring them only for emergencies. They are a pain to cash. We were told only one bank in Cusco accepted them and it took over half an hour to get them cashed. (The one person who used them did so when a pickpocketer helped himself to his wallet).
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Re: Peruvian money

Postby ehiggy19 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:54 pm

Just got back from 12 days in Peru (Classic Peru). Took quite a bit of American with us as we were told we'd need both the USD and Sol. As it turned out, we NEVER, EVER used USD to BUY anything in Peru. Not once. Nobody accepted it anywhere we went. The good news is, as mentioned by someone else, it is extremely easy to exchange USD to the Sol. Money exchange places everywhere and they give a good rate. The only thing is, they will not change USD that is anything less than perfect. if you have any old or torn bills, they won't take it.

My suggestion: Take pristine USD to exchange (especially good rate in Cusco and Puno), but don't expect to be able to pay for anything with it. Otherwise, take Nuevo Sol.

Have fun! Peru is amazing!
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