Southern Cross Luggage Question

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Southern Cross Luggage Question

Postby phalliss » Sat May 28, 2011 3:41 am


I've read pretty much all the posts about luggage and have found them very helpful, but I didn't see this question covered so forgive me if I missed it! I'll be doing the Southern Cross tour in November and was trying to decide what luggage to take. After having read the other posts I've ruled out a wheelie suitcase but I currently have a wheelie suitcase that has straps so you can convert it to a backpack. I haven't ever had to use it as a backpack and I think the straps themselves might not be all that sturdy or supportive but I was wondering if it would be suitable for the trip? As stupid a question it may seem, I guess I'm really asking how much carrying of my own bag will I do? If I used this suitcase as a wheelie suitcase until I needed to use it as a backpack, which I could do, would this work? I've never been to South America or one a trip like this so I'm finding it a bit hard to know what to expect. Has anyone used these kinds of bags before? Has anyone done this tour and used a bag like this? Will I need to do a lot of walking with my luggage and would I be better off investing in a proper backpack?

Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thankyou!
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Re: Southern Cross Luggage Question

Postby sinecure » Sat May 28, 2011 1:35 pm

Any bag can work, it's up to you if your bag is comfortable. If you had to walk around for an hour with it on your back etc. If you are currently happy with your bag then there is nothing stopping you from using this bag. :)

I hope that helps.
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Re: Southern Cross Luggage Question

Postby envirochick72 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:19 am

My only concern would be your hike - would you also have a day pack to take with you along the trail? If you were planning on using the convertable suitcase for this.... my suggestion would be to take the suitcase as luggage and bring a ~20L daypack.

My husband and I have done trips before and we usually take our large (70-90L) hiking packs as our luggage and we have a medium size daypacks that is 22-26L w/ hydaration bags. However, we have seen others on previous gap trips that do the luggage and a daypack. It depends on how you feel you can pack for the long trip and which would be the easiest for you - not sure if age plays a role or not. But I would make sure that you bring a daypack for sure and the rest of the time luggage is stored on a bus, room, train, etc... But you want to be able to see it most of the time in small places.

Hope this helps!
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