Absolute Peru

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Absolute Peru

Postby maria-scuba » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:14 pm

Me and my sister are interested in this trip (absolute peru) and we just want to ask about the accomodation. What is the level of the hotels??? Do we have to take a sleeping bag with us???? And what about the bathrooms????? Are we going to have hot water?
Thank you
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Re: Absolute Peru

Postby IncaTrail50 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:32 pm

I can't speak to the actual hotels listed for this tour, I did the Inca Discovery one, but I can say that the hotels were nice and had lots of hot water. The hotels we stayed in were really clean but some lacked things like TVs or phones or alarm clocks. It didn't matter, we were only there to sleep anyway! The hotel in Ollantaytambo the night before the Inca Trail hike was beautiful but our wake-up "call" was a knock on the door!
We rented sleeping bags for the Inca Trail, they were reasonably priced and clean. Sketchy bathrooms along the trail so take toilet paper and lots of hand sanitiser and baby wipes.
Peru is an awesome place. It was my first GAP trip few years ago and it got me hooked. It is totally worth any little inconvenience that might be caused by the accommodations, bathrooms, whatever.
Book now, you'll love it!
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Re: Absolute Peru

Postby ballu » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:55 am

I took this tour back in 2004 so I'm sure the hotels have changed, but you can expect them to be clean with basic services...some have breakfast/restaurants. If you stay longer than 2 nights in one place you can likely drop off laundry. Most won't have a TV, most if not all will have a private bathroom for the room. Beds will be twin size. The only shower that didn't have hot water was in the jungle...and you won't want hot water there :)

I also rented a sleeping bag.

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Re: Absolute Peru

Postby des.lynch » Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:51 pm

Hi Maria

I did the absolute Peru tour last year in Sept. The hotels are fine and range from 2 to 3 star. They all had hot water. U will need sleeping bags for the inca trail.

The tour was amazing and would definitely recommend it.
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Re: Absolute Peru

Postby ihregb » Mon May 02, 2011 3:10 pm

Hi! Just got back from doing the Absolute Peru trip and it was amazing.
The hotels I agree range from a 2-3 Star accomodation. The Amazon was a pleasant surprise (no electricity and only 3 walls to each room - so you can better experience the rainforest but there are mosquito nets on the bed).
The hotels all had hot water but if everyone was showering around the same time they did tend to run low. The least nice hotel that you stay in would probably be Puno but it is clean and warm.
Sleeping bags I would just suggest renting one for $10 from Gap once you're in Cuzco. They are clean and the right temperature rating for the trail. People did find it cold on Lake Titicaca so just take long pants and a long shirt for sleeping.
I also agree with taking lots of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and baby wipes for the trail but you'll use the hand sanitizer everyday and you'll want to carry toilet paper with you everyday as well.
Definitely a great trip and well worth going. Lots of highlights and a few not so highlights but thats how travelling goes.
Absolutely worth going and doing the Absolute Peru trip you get to see so much more of the country!
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