NYC - Favorite Food Stops

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NYC - Favorite Food Stops

Postby thetravelingbee » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:10 pm

As a former New Yorker (but actually I think once I New Yorker, always a New Yorker), I thought I would post a list of some of my favorite spots for eating out in the city for anyone who might be visiting.

Used to crack me up how tourists would come to the city and then spend their meals at national chain restaurants like Olive Garden or TGI Friday's. However, I know that sometimes it's tough to know where to go without a local to guide you...

So here is a small attempt to be that local guide to help out fellow GAP-ers.

Some of these places may be in the guidebooks (or have been made famous by movies - e.g. Serendipity and Cafe Lalo), some are not. Enjoy!! :D

  • Brunch: Eli's Vinegar Factory (91st between 1st & York) or Sarabeth's (Amsterdam between 80th & 81st or Madison between 92nd & 93rd)
  • Dinner/Dessert: Serendipity 3 (60th between 2nd & 3rd)
  • Dessert: Cafe Lalo (83rd between Columbus & Amsterdam)
  • Coffee/Dessert: DTUT (2nd Ave between 84th & 85th) - get the s'mores
  • Dinner/Coffee/Dessert: Cafe Mozart (70th between Columbus & Broadway)
  • Great Mexican: Mama Mexico (102nd & Broadway)
  • Best Lo-fat Ice Cream: Tasty D-lite (there's about a billion of them all over the city - take your pick!)
  • Best Jazz and BBQ: The Blue Smoke (27th between Park & Lex)
  • Best Hot Chocolate (seriously to DIE for!): City Bakery (18th between 5th & Ave of the Americas)
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Re: NYC - Favorite Food Stops

Postby TravelFun » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:47 pm

Hey, this is really helpful...planning on going to NYC next year for my friends 40th so will try some these out.

Cheers n Happy Travels!
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Re: NYC - Favorite Food Stops

Postby iiztehtravelbug » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:57 pm

That is quite a list! Proud to say, I've tried 3 of those spots, and you are right about them being the best!

I gotta tell you... the best street food I've ever eaten was in NYC - right at Times Square.
1) Biryani Cart (*drooooool* :lol: - and it was the winner of some 2009 street food award too)
2) BBQ Shish Kebabs (found at not only Times Square, but a bunch of other places all across the city)

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