From hiking the remote canyons of Navajo country to the spectacular mountains of the Rockies, from Orca-spotting off Vancouver to the gold-rush towns of the Yukon, experience North America - a true wilderness paradise.

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Postby bexonthebeach » Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:04 pm


I will be in alaska for a few days before my tour starts from Anchorage on 22nd June. I am trying to decide where will be best to experience the summer solstice on 21st June. I will be in Juneau beforehand, so the easiest places would either be Juneau or Anchorage. But I've heard Fairbanks can be pretty fun with a midnight sun baseball game (tho I'm not a huge sports fan...). Or there is even Barrow up in the arctic circle which would be pretty cool, but may blow the budget for just one night...

any experiences/suggestions? I need to decide pretty soon so I can decide when to book my ferries/flights for, but as yet none of the cities seem to have events schedules (it is rather a long way away!) I cant base my decision on that..

any advice/experiences would be appreciated!
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