Greek Islands Sailing - Santorini to Santorini - 30 July, 08

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Greek Islands Sailing - Santorini to Santorini - 30 July, 08

Postby Soph » Tue May 13, 2008 4:32 pm


I'm hoping someone can answer a few of my questions about the Greek Island sailing adventure...

1. a) I will be travelling on my own... I'm not so concerned with meeting people on the boat- I think in such a confined space, you're going to have to get along! I'm more concerned about afterward... do people often make friends and continue to travel around the islands (ie. staying longer in one place than just a day) post sailing trip?

1. b) In this case, I'm worried about not booking accommodation on the islands post sailing because, it's peak and I'm thinking the central ones will be at full occupancy. That's not really a question, but I'm sure you may be able to offer some advice on that point!

2. What sort of luggage do we bring on board? Obviously, I'll downsize from my big suitcase for the boat but, is a duffle bag sufficient? Can we wash and dry our clothes on the boat?

3. Do we know the boat we're getting for departure on 30 July, 2008 - Santorini to Santorini, yet?

That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll have more!

Any comments welcome!

Thanks in advance for your help :D
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Re: Greek Islands Sailing - Santorini to Santorini - 30 July, 08

Postby vinnie » Wed May 14, 2008 2:28 pm

To answer your questions:
1a - People do make friends on the boat. However, most people have plans to go some place right after the trip. Many, like myself, fly home while others continue with a pre-planned trip to other areas when they reach the final port. I would think that people seldom meet on the boat and then continue their trip together.
1b - In July and August, which is 'peak' tourist season in the islands, I would book a hotel well in advance. There will be so many people on Santorini that time of year that you can often not walk down the streets with ease. Hotel space can be unavailable if you do not book ahead. Other months you will not have any problems finding a hotel on arrival on Santorini or any of the other islands.
2 - A duffle bag is fine. The only way to wash on the boat is in a bucket. Take a few pegs along to hang anything you wish to dry on the rail of the boat. Remember that there is always a good wind blowing (even in port) from the north that time of year.
3 - You will need to call GAP for this information.
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