Greek Islands Sailing Adventure (Kos to Athens) 22 days

Walk or cycle the historic trails, picnic under an olive tree, explore the Greek Islands by yacht or just watch the world go by from a Tapas bar in Barcelona.

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Greek Islands Sailing Adventure (Kos to Athens) 22 days

Postby Alfie » Sat May 10, 2008 4:12 pm

hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has done the full 22 day trip before, I'm planing to to do the kos to athens which is on may 25 to june 15 and I have a couple a questions.
1- is it going to be cold?( I have been told its going to be around 20 ish)
2- is 22 days too much?
3- and if the entire group will be the same for the whole 22 days or wil people leave, lets say if they just signed up for one segment of the tour and be replaced by other people ?
thanks in advance
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Re: Greek Islands Sailing Adventure (Kos to Athens) 22 days

Postby vinnie » Sat May 10, 2008 7:26 pm

As to point 3, the chances are that you will be the only person doing the whole 22 days. Most people do only one week. Less than half the people do two weeks. Only a few people do all three weeks. Plan to have people get on/off at the end of each week (and for you to change cabins).
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