costa rica - questions about optional activities, free time?

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costa rica - questions about optional activities, free time?

Postby sheisaeval » Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:57 pm

Right now I've been thinking about the Basic Costa Rica tour right now (CRCR).

Anyway, questions-
I've took a look at the optional activities and there are some places that I feel like I'd like to do a few of those activities, would we have time to do more than one activity on the list in one day?

For example, in La Fortuna, can we do canyoning and spelunking in one day, since they are both 4 hours and just be 8 hours together? Or do they only run at certain times? Or if we can do proyecto asis and the horse trip in one day? Just wondering if we'd be able to do more than one in a day or not.

How much free time do you have at this place, or is it mostly free time? Such as, as soon as you get to the new location, the next 2 or 3 days you have at a place, do you pretty much have all free time to do whatever you want at set location, and if you want to do an optional actiivty listed you can, and if you want to just explore the area by yourself you can, and if you want to visit another attraction/sight not listed you can?

Also, since some of these optional activities can be pricey and I don't want to carry that much cash around, can we pay for most of these through a card?

One more question - how secure/safe are these hotels? Can I just leave our passport/documents/cards etc at the hotel so I wouldn't have to carry it when I'm at the beach or hiking or something, would that be okay?

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Re: costa rica - questions about optional activities, free t

Postby Janice08 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:47 pm

I can answer a few of your questions:

1. Typically you will be able to do more than one activity on the same day. If they are with the same company they may even arrange for the transportation between points A and B. You can google "things to do in ......" to get you an idea of the optional activities that aren't listed in the trip description. In La Fortuna, G Adventures uses Desafio ( If you go to their website they have lots listed. G gets a group discount with them so you won't pay quite as much as is posted on their website (and don't sign up before you get there). If you choose to go with another company or do your own thing, your CEO should be able to help you plan it or give you safety info.

2. Typically you will arrive at each new location mid-afternoon. I notice that the drive to La Fortuna is listed as 9 hours so it may be later when you get there. You may have time to plan the next day and possibly an evening activity but not much more.

3. Whenever an activity is "optional" you have free time. Often the group will end up doing some things together or split into a few groups but you are free to do your own thing. The group will usually have dinner together but again you may choose to not join them.

4. All the bigger companies and "tourist" restaurants take credit cards. ATMs are easy to find as well. If you are going somewhere where they aren't reliable, your CEO will warn you ahead of time.

5. Generally the hotels are safe. Most have secure entrances and 24 hour reception. Some have in-room safes. That being said, last summer when I was in La Fortuna, we stayed at motel type place on the outskirts of town. This place had drive up parking to individual cabins with farmland behind. While we were out for dinner, someone broke into several of the cabins (as well as the motel next door). They took the smaller bags that people had left out but not the big bags. So, if you are going to leave things in the hotel, don't leave anything valuable in plain site or in an easy to grab bag. You have to decide if its safer to carry your valuables with you out at night or leave them in your room. You can also check if the hotel has a safe at the front desk if not in the room.

6. There are several different trips to Costa Rica. Sometimes a higher priced one can end up being less expensive because of the included activities and meals. Whatever you choose you'll have a great time.
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