Costa Rica Adventure-- Adrenaline Theme Pack

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Costa Rica Adventure-- Adrenaline Theme Pack

Postby aprilm60 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:58 am

Question for anyone who has went on the Costa Rica Adventure tour lately.

I have been pricing out extra activities for a general idea of total cost, and it seems like the Adrenaline Theme Pack is not worth the $215... thoughts? Does it include more than it says? In past posts about this theme pack it included rafting but it doesn't seem to anymore (although I may be wrong)

Loaded with high-adrenaline pursuits like waterfall-rappelling, rainforest-ziplining, canyon-trekking and other so-amazing-they-need-a-hypen activities, the Adrenaline pack pushes Costa Rica to the limit and beyond.
Choose your adventure:
Arenal (La Fortuna), Half day
Choose one of the following popular activities in the adventure capital of Costa Rica: Venado Cave walk, Kayaking on Lake Arenal, Cerro Chato Volcano extreme hike, or Stand-up paddling on Lake Arenal
Arenal, Half-day
Rappel, down-climb, river-trace and descend huge waterfalls in the rugged mountains and lush rainforests around Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano.
Monteverde, Half-day
Get a true bird’s-eye view of the rainforest canopy as you soar through the trees on a Tarzan swing, a giant rappel and a 450-foot-high zipline." = $215

Seperately, Canyoneering= compares to the Canyoning/Rappelling tour-- $75
Ziplining= $45
Cerro Chato Volcano extreme hike= compares to Volcano walk/viewpoint (?)-- $45

Seperately, this costs $165.. even if instead you chose the more expensive stand-up paddle it would still only be $185.
Maybe I am missing something that someone else can point out, first time working with g adventures and I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible, yet do a handful of extra activities! Thanks for any info. :)
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Re: Costa Rica Adventure-- Adrenaline Theme Pack

Postby Janice08 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:48 am

When the Adrenaline Theme pack first came out a year or so ago it was $150. Then it was worth it but only if you were sure those were the activities you wanted to do.

See: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=19596 for my opinion of the Adrenaline Theme pack after a couple of G Adventures trips to Costa Rica. It was written when the Adrenaline Theme pack didn't give you a choice of activities - you got to do canyoneering, rafting and ziplining. There is lots to do in Costa Rica. I wouldn't want to be locked in to activities when I don't know everything that is out there.

You can google "things to do in Costa Rica" and then narrow it down to Monteverde and La Fortuna to get an idea of the various activities that may be available. The advantage of doing the ones that G Adventures endorses are that you may get a group discount - but then the competition may offer something similar for less money (just check with you CEO to make sure they are a reputable company if safety is an issue)

By the way, the Cerro Chato Volcano extreme hike doesn't compare to the Volcano walk/viewpoint. The Cerro Chato hike takes about 4 - 5 hours from the start of the trail. One hour of it is straight up, a second hour is straight down (by that I mean using tree roots as hand holds and foot holds fairly often). However, at the top is a small lake in the crater of an extinct volcano. If the day is clear you get a great view of Arenal volcano. It can be done without a guide if there is a group of you. You just need to arrange transportation to the starting point and back to town. It cost 3 of us $30 total to the starting point. We met the rest of the group at the waterfalls at the end so didn't need the return transportation which would have been about $10. There are also an admission fees to the waterfalls ($10) and to cross over private land (I think about $7). The Volcano walk is that - a walk in the jungle where you stop at a view point. We did it in the afternoon and they also provided drinks. The idea was to be at the viewpoint at dark to see Arenal erupt. Didn't happen - the volcano hasn't erupted in a couple of years and it was cloudy.

You'll have a great time in Costa Rica!
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Re: Costa Rica Adventure-- Adrenaline Theme Pack

Postby aprilm60 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:01 pm

Thanks so much! I had already read that post but you did put really good points there, I will definitely just wait until I get there to book activities and will cross the volcano hike off my list!

So far, seems like the theme pack is just a rip-off if you don't calculate everything out, when it used to be $150 and include rafting that would have been a good deal but not anymore it seems.
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