Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

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Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby t_marie » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:11 pm


I am looking to figure out an approx amount that one would spend on extra activities during the CRA or CRQ tour. I understand that the cost of various activites differ, just looking for a ball park figure of what people have spent on these two tours.

Someone please help,
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Re: Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby coqui14 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:16 pm

I recommend you to check the trip details for both of your options. Here are the optional activities and prices:

Optional Activities
All prices are per person, in USD amounts and are subject to change as services are provided by third party operators.

Puerto Viejo:
Snorkel rental $10/day
Botanical Garden tour $7
Manzanillo Reserve (incl. Entrance + guide25usd)
Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve $50 (incl. Lunch + body rafting)
Coastal Trip to Cahuita $35 (incl. Lunch + guide)
Surfboards $8/day
Surf lessons $50 per 3 hour lesson
Dolphin watch $30
Bike rental $5 per day
Sloth Sanctuary $15
Scooter rental $50 (day)

Night turtle watch $20 (incl. Entrance + guide)
Tourist centre $2

Rara Avis:
Various hikes, butterfly house
Orchid garden, waterfall FREE

La Fortuna/Arenal:
Rafting (Full day) $75 (with lunch)
Kayaking $53 (with lunch)
River float $49
Cave tour $55
Canyoneering $90 (with lunch)
Caño Negro Reserve $63 (full day leave at 6:30am)
Volcano hike $30
Safari Adventure $49
Horse ride to waterfall $45
Tabacon Hot Springs $65 (with food)
Baldi Hot Springs $19
Canyoning rapell tour $75 includes breakfast & snack
Maleku indigenous reserve $50 includes lunch
Sky Tram $15

Sky Trek $40
Sky Walk $25
Horseback riding $10/hr
Butterfly garden $10 (entrance)
Coffee tour $25
Frog Pond $10
Serpentarium $8

Manuel Antonio:
Mangrove tour (kayak) $65 (incl. Lunch)
Mangrove tour (boat) $70 (incl. Lunch)
Rafting (Rio Naranjo) $78
Rafting (Savegre) $98
Sea Kayak tour $70 (incl. Lunch)
Dolphin watch $75 (incl. Lunch)
Cycle tours $25-$55
Manuel Antonio Park $10 (entrance) plus $25 guide if wanted
Surf lessons $55 (3-4 hours)
Scooter rental $70
Boogie Board/Surf board rental $8 per hour

San José:
Carara Reserve $60 (full day w break & lunch)
Irazu, Orosi and Lankaster Garden tour $60 (with lunch)
Grecia & Sarchi $40 (oxcart & handicrafts)
City tour $35
Poas Volcano $55
Rafting (Pacuare) $90
Rafting (Sarapiqui) N/A for the hearthquaque
Braulio Carrillo Reserve $62
Café Britt tour $50
Butterfly Farm $20-$25 Back To Index
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Re: Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby t_marie » Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:06 am


This helps a lot!
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Re: Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby trvlmonkey » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:56 pm

Hey! Glad to see you are going on this trip. I just got back from the Costa Rica Quest on Sunday and I had an amazing time!
Activities that will be recommended will vary from the list just given.

San Jose - get there a day early!! We didn't and we only had time to go to some markets and museums. Didn't get to do the full city tour or go to the nearby volcanoes. So make sure to get there at least one day early.
Be prepared to pay much more for food than you would expect. Breakfasts between $5-7. Lunch and Dinner (unless you want to eat the tipical everyday) will range between $7 - 12 at least. If you add in drinks, desserts, etc which are all delicious, it could be up to $20 just for one meal! It's not cheap there or anywhere else on the trip. The guides will take you to great places to eat and go out at night just be ready to spend some money.

La Fortuna - we got there around 11:00 am. We were taken to Desafio adventure company to take a look at all of our activity options for that day and for the next.
My group ( me and three students I was chaperoning) decided the first day to walk to the La Fortuna waterfall. Granted this was a 6 km uphill walk. we were dying by the time we got there. However it was the most beautiful and rewarding time. My suggestion for an inexpensive activity for the afternoon ? Take a taxi ($20 or less and split it between some people) to the waterfall and its only $10 to get in to see the waterfall which you can even swim in the streams near it which is so nice. Then walk back to the hotel. The walk back would have been a great walk seeing all the local houses and hotels on the way.
Then a large group of us in the evening went to the Baldi hot springs. These are pools that have been built and are fed by the volcanic hot springs. The pools range from really really hot to a nice warm temperature. Pay $25 for entrance to the springs and a buffet dinner. $20 just to get in so $5 for dinner with free mango or passion fruit juice - not bad at all. Very fun times.

The next day my group decided to go canyoneering - one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I completely recommend doing this! You are basically climbing down/rappelling down waterfalls ranging from 20 ft to 250ft! Don't worry, you have harnesses and all the best equipment and guides that make it so much fun. For $75 you can go for a 2-3 hour canyoneering trek and then get a great lunch or if you want to do a bit of white water rafting as well you can pay $130 for both. Some people in my tour group did both and loved it. Others chose to go to Cano Negro wild park. If you really want to see animals in each place along the trip you should probably go there. However, the guide (greg who was awesome!) said that La Fortuna is the best place for any water-related activities.

To see the Arenal volcano - while we were there we were very lucky to see lava flow at night. We hired a taxi (4 girls, one driver) for about $60. The driver took us to the view point nearest the volcano to see the lava flow. The driver stayed with us while we watched for about an hour and then drove us back. We saw the lava (small amounts but it was glowing red) roll down the volcano about 6 times which is very lucky. Just ask your guides while going out if there are reputable people they know who would drive you to the view points.

Monteverde - St. Elena area
The horse-back riding that is included in the tour is kind of slow. You will get to see the clouds roll into the area and along the hills but if you like to ride fast I would not be expecting it. Enjoy the scenery and conversations you can have with the guides.

This is the place to go zip-lining. I paid $65 at Selvatura (sp?) to go ziplining for 2 hours and then walk the hanging bridges in the rainforest. Some others went to the Xtremo? place for ziplining however they were not treated so nice by those guides. Selvatura's guides were very nice and helped us all the way. The ziplines were as long as 1 km and you got to go as fast as 60kph (made my eyes water!). The bridges were also very relaxing to walk through. Be prepared to hike throughout the trip! If you aren't in shape now you will be soon!

Also included in Monteverde is the national park hike which is beautiful. Very worth it.

Manuel Antonio
This is the ultimate beach town. From the hotel you will be taking the public bus into Manuel Antonio to hang out on the beach or go to the national park. The national park costs $10. This was the best place to see wildlife by far. We also found the most beautiful beach inside the park where we relaxed. You will see monkeys, raccoons, sloths, etc... Once you pay to get in for the day, you can go back in anytime as long as it is through the exit.

About 5 of us took surfing lessons while we were in Manuel Antonio - $35 for lessons and a couple of hours with the boards. If you already know how to surf you can just rent a board for $15 for the day.

A lot of us just spent time on the beach where you can rent umbrellas and two chairs for $10.
Great food there too.

Hope this helped! Enjoy your time in Costa Rica!
Pura Vida!!
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Re: Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby TravelFun » Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:07 pm

Wow, sounds like a very active and fun trip plus great information trvlmonkey. This will really help all future travellers going to Costa Rica, for sure.

Thanks and Happy Travels!
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Re: Cost of Activities in Costa Rica

Postby bgarbe » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:03 pm

Thanks so much for the details on the trip! Seems like you had a great time! I am leaving tomorrow for the Costa Rica Quest and cannot wait! Thanks for the suggestions on here!
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