CMCP-Great Central American Journey: Cancun to Panama

Central American volcanoes, cities and markets; Mexican Mayan history and Caribbean beaches and rainforests.

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CMCP-Great Central American Journey: Cancun to Panama

Postby kilecij » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:49 pm

Hey all,

i will be doing this trip in couple weeks and had several questions and would be really happy if they could be answered.

1) i am planning on bringing a 75 l backpack that i think should be enough for the entire trip, but am still not sure how to pack it. i was thinking of bringing my teva sandals, reef flips, running shoes and maybe another pair of fashionable/comfortable sports shoes for going out and definitely no hiking shoes due to their heavy weight. Do i need to bring synthetic clothing rather than my cotton shirts/ shorts since it might be rainy season in some of the countries? How much nature are we going to be dealing with? Are there lots of campsites involved?

2) i have a good amount of knowledge on malaria and know exactly which med i need for prophylaxis (chloroquine) but cannot schedule a docs appointment for the prescription. Is this a requirement, do people on this trip all take prophylaxis?

thank you for your time.
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Re: CMCP-Great Central American Journey: Cancun to Panama

Postby TravelFun » Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:30 pm

What a cool trip!

Have you checked the Trip Details and if not here's the link: ... p-details/

It does mention the type of accommodation is 'Simple Hotels' so not sure why you think campsites will be involved! Do read through the trip details and if you still have questions then just drop a post here.

As for your questions...then a 75l backpack is fine but do take a small daypack for day-to-day use for your water, camera, books etc.. It's worth taking quick-drying, breathable clothing during the rainy season which I'm sure you'll be glad you did...and as for malaria and other vaccinations then check with your doctor or your local pharmacy will be able to give you the latest updates per country.

Hope this helps and is a start :)

Happy Travels!
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