Costa Rica Family Adventure - August 2010

Central American volcanoes, cities and markets; Mexican Mayan history and Caribbean beaches and rainforests.

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Costa Rica Family Adventure - August 2010

Postby toekneeallen » Thu May 06, 2010 3:50 pm

Hi, we're travelling to Costa Rica in August to do the CRFA tour, we're all really excited by what we have read about Costa Rica and the various activities that are available, the tour sounds perfect for us. We are, however, still a tiny bit apprehensive about it as we have never travelled in an organised group before and don't fully know what to expect from the tour(suppose that could be part of the attraction too!). Anybody out there got any info that they'd like to share?

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Re: Costa Rica Family Adventure - August 2010

Postby kohlthemule » Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:00 pm

I did a tour in Asia, so I can't say anything about Latin American Tour Leaders, and I found our guide to be fascinating. He not only told us stories about his culture and way of life, but in sharing stories of other groups he led and how the travelers reacted and whatnot to situations, was a huge glimpse into how Americans were perceived in Asia. Interesting.
As far as being in a group... That made the trip for me. All my fellow travelers were either 4 weeks into their journeys or planning on being out for 6 more weeks in Asia. So we all had stories to share, tips for places others were going, and we all shared medicine for upset bellies. :)

When else will you get the chance to spend 2 weeks with someone from another hemisphere and just soak in their slang, habits, and incessant questions over why Americans like Peanut Butter so much.


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