Mayan Sun Tour Safety

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Mayan Sun Tour Safety

Postby caramel koala » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:58 pm

I am a female traveling solo and am considering on booking in for the Mayan Sun Tour in May-June this year. The itinerary looks amazing however I have been reading the travel from the Australian smart traveler website and it listed quite a lot of incidents of crime targeted at tourists specifically in Guatemala.
I.e Armed gangs holding up tourist buses and robbing them, passengers being assaulted and there is a long listing recent crime incidents on the foreigners (courtesy of the US Embassy website).

I take into account that common sense will always paramount in preventing crime situations How safe is it on the tour? Any solo female travelers care to respond?
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Re: Mayan Sun Tour Safety

Postby Zuleika » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:08 pm

Hi there.
I did the Mayan Adventure tour not so long ago which is the extended version of Mayan sun.
Im female and i went on my own.

You do have to use quite a lot of common sense, dont flash cash or expensive jewellery and keep an eye on your bags at ALL times. Don't leave any valuables in your room including cash, use the safes, dont go out alone at night etc etc.

Once I joined the tour and had the benefit and wisdom of our excellent tour guide regarding safety - we followed his recommendations to the letter - and I was always with the group and never on my own, I felt pretty safe. We all had a totally brilliant time!!!

I think that common sense and caution should be exercised in any foreign country and especially in the cities, and places where you are obviously a tourist. Have a search round on this board for excellent tips and ideas regarding safety whilst travelling.

As regarding the embassy website - they have to list all sorts of things and it can be frightening to read, but largely they are isolated incidents. I would only really take notice and not go somewhere if the Gov specifically said not to go.

Finally - my tour took in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and Guatemala was by far and away my most favourite country of the three, its an amazing and stunning place! Lake Atitlan is gorgeous +++ and Tikal is a hundred times better than Chichen Itza with a tenth of the crowds!!!

I hope this helps!
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