Costa Rica Activities/Food

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Costa Rica Activities/Food

Postby cooly » Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:48 pm

for people that have already experienced Costa Rica, any thoughts on the particular activities you did? what are the things you really liked, or what you didnt like and wasnt worth it? Did you see alot of wildlife during some of your hikes? How are the hot springs if you tried them...etc etc.

Also food, whats good, what you should try...

Im more or less just excited to get going and do all kinds of fun

thanks for sharing!
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Re: Costa Rica Activities/Food

Postby thecakeisalie » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:34 pm

Lots to do in Costa Rica for the outdoorsman, in no particular order here are some of the highlights for me:
-Rafting the Pacuare River, did the 3 day version with 2 nights in an eco-friendly (read: no power) lodge. Everything was raft in, raft out, so fresh supplies are brought in by the next day's rafters. Really interesting trip.
-Viewing Arenal volcano at night from Tabacon hot springs. There's nothing quite like sitting in a 100 deg F waterfall while orange lava flows down the cone of the volcano next door.
-Ziplining. Lots of places in the world to do this, but few will take you as high, as far, or through such awe-inspiring scenery. I did it as part of aforementioned rafting trip, but by all accounts Monteverde is THE place for ziplining.
-Beach time in Manuel Antonio (including kayaking the nearby mangroves, scuba, attempting to surf... poorly). Hang out here for a few days of R&R on one of the most gorgeous stretches of beach in Central America

Loads more to do, I'm sure others will add their favorites.

As for wildlife, its often tough to find in the jungle, but there are plenty of sightings to be had for those with a lot of patience. Sloths can be found high in the canopy at Manuel Antonio. Scarlet macaws are found in Carara National Park. Nearby, crocs are easily seen from the Tarcoles River Bridge. Keep your eyes peeled for toucans, snakes, coatamundi (like central American raccoons), and about a billion other winged, furry, crawling, and scaly specimens. Oh yeah, and watch out for monkeys!

As for food, the fresh fruits are amazing! And I happen to love the fried plantains that are served with typical plates. You'll find a lot of rice and black beans, vegetables, chicken, some beef, eggs, and plenty of seafood. Being sandwiched between two oceans does have the advantage of a large variety of seafood available. I had an amazing bowl of ceviche somewhere in Heredia (can't remember where). Overall, the cuisine isn't spicy or exotic, just good wholesome food that fuels your day.

Have fun!
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Re: Costa Rica Activities/Food

Postby jspeiden » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:17 pm

Activities that I enjoyed greatly in Costa Rica: Rafting the Sarapiqui River, horseback riding to hot springs and waterfalls at Buena Vista Lodge, hot springs at Tabacon, Arenal volcano, cloud forest at Monteverde (get a guide - worth it).
Activities that I didn't enjoy: liked the zip line for the adventure of it, but had been expecting a more nature-oriented activity rather than just fun. Goes so fast you can't see much. Also didn't like horseback riding from Arenal to Monteverde as it was extremely muddy and very hard for the horses and I felt guilty making them go through that. They were up to their knees and above in mud.
My thought about the food was don't go to Costa Rica for the food, except for the fresh fruit and juice. However we weren't really looking for food.
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Re: Costa Rica Activities/Food

Postby nataliegina » Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:22 pm

Yep I certainly agree that rafting the Pacuare on the 3 day trip and staying in the jungle for two nights is worth it, 'Rios Tropicales' does it and it was fabulous. Although not if you're afraid of rafting/water like some of the people on our group, its Class 3 and 4.
Dont go to Tortugero, not worth it.
The south east is nice, Almonds and Corals lodge is very unique (staying in 'treehouse' lodges and hearing the howler monkeys right outside!) and Puerto Limon was interesting.
Ziplining in Monteverde is great too, very exciting and beautiful, and getting a guide allows you to learn all about the area too.
Have a great time!
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Re: Costa Rica Activities/Food

Postby mrzeszow » Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:03 pm

Since everyone else already mentioned my faves let me just add the canyoneering in La Fortuna. It's amazing if you want an adrenaline rush. The waterfalls are beautiful and the staff is amazing and very knowledgeable (they put up with my fear of heights :? ).
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