Costa Rica Quest 17 Feb

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Costa Rica Quest 17 Feb

Postby dance77 » Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:26 pm


I have a few questions:

The meeting point on 17 Feb is San Jose, Central Colon, however there is no time mentioned. My flight arrives 21.40, do I just check in or do I need to meet with someone at the hotel? Can someone greet me at the hotel? What time do we leave the next day?

I was going to get a bus from the station to the centre or is that not a good idea?

Is it best to pay in dollars or colones for things?

For any UK travellers, what insurance deals have you found?

I have a few days after the tour, where should I visit? And where are the nearest nicest beaches to San Jose?

Last qu: are there any neccessary jabs? Everything I have read says recommended.

Thanks, looking forward to it! :D
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Re: Costa Rica Quest 17 Feb

Postby eric » Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:15 am


You are cutting it a bit fine!

Meeting. Guess its around 6.30pm that evening, with an early leave from hotel say 7am next day. So make sure your guide knows your ETA (Midnight at Hotel?). Expect to see a note at hotel reception of your departure time next morning. Guess you will sort out things with your guide then.

Money. You will need Colones, and there may be no time to sort out much next morning. Use San Jose airport ATM to draw out Colones. Think as you walk from arrival gate towards immigration/baggage there is a machine (not visible unless you keep looking back the way you came). Think next day you will arrive in La Fortuna / Arenal so should be a few ATMs that evening. If so you really only need enough colones for 1 day.

Beaches. Ask your guide. I wouldn't be surprised if the recomendation was: Leave the tour at Manuel Antonio / Quepos (ie don't go with the group to San Jose) & stay on at Manuel Antonio.

Just hope your baggage arrives on the flight ok! Suggest you put a small amount of things in your handbaggage to see you through if your main bag shows up a few days late!


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Re: Costa Rica Quest 17 Feb

Postby ballu » Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:13 pm

When you get to the hotel just tell them who you are and that you're with GAP. They'll be expecting you. You'll miss the initial meeting but your leader should know when you're expected to arrive. If the leader isn't around, instructions will be left for you about your departure time the next day.

My roommate for my GAP trip to Guatemala didn't arrive until midnightish so this isn't totally unusual.

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