Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Central American volcanoes, cities and markets; Mexican Mayan history and Caribbean beaches and rainforests.

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Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby anatc » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:22 pm

Does anyone know what sort of clothes I should pack for this trip? The checklist says 4 t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of trousers. I pretty much live in dresses, skirts and leggings, and skinny jeans. Would those be suitable or should i buy some more appropriate clothing? Also trainers instead of hiking boots?
Any suggestions would be appreciated :)
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Re: Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby ballu » Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:44 pm

Keep in mind it will be hot and humid. It's a good idea to have a long sleeve shirt or two and long pants for covering up against mozzies. There could be places and times it will be cooler at night and you'll need warmth.

You'll also be climbing volcanos, scrambling through ruins, maybe might be more comfy in shorts instead of skirts while doing the athletic stuff.

I generally bring 5-6 tshirts (a few of quick dry material or thinner cotton that can be washed at night and dry by morning), 2-3 shorts, 2 pants, 1 light long sleeve shirt, 1 fleece long sleeve shirt.

You probably won't need full on hiking boots, I go with sandals and a pair of athletic shoes for the more strenuous activities.

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Re: Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby 050290 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:28 pm

Hi. :)

Going on the same trip, was wondering whether or not we will be carrying our luggage a lot? Going to bring a small bag for one-day-trips, but do I need a bag that I can carry for a long time?
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Re: Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby eric » Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:09 am


Typically you need a small bag, suitable for day trips. Plus a larger bag for everything else.

You should expect to have to take/carry that large bag say 300 - 400 yards/meters from time to time.

A soft bag is usual, & if its going by air as checked baggage think of buying a TSA padlock for it.


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Re: Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby ReeRee » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:49 am

Hey, I did this exact trip...
As far as clothing for the trip, I am soooo happy I brought my jeans, and even let some of the other girls on my trip borrow them because they were jealous they didn't bring a pair. I even wore my jeans on the Zip Lines! FYI though, I came home with one less pair of jeans : ) I wish I would have brought more flowy, comfy, lightweight dresses. They are great for walking to the beach (easy to throw on, easy to back & wash), Catamaran boat trips etc. Of course, if its a little chilly you can throw your leggings on under the dresses in the evening. It was also nice to feel a bit more dressed up for evening dinners and nights out. Tank tops and plain tee's are also great.
Almost every place had a place to take your laundry, and at a pretty good price-sometimes my stuff came back pink or blue because they don't separate your laundry.
Sometimes I wish I had a beach towel, but I found my sarong was useful as something to sit on and to dry off after a swim. It was much more lightweight and dried faster, so I'm glad I had that.
I brought a pair of Reef flip flops, dressier sandals and my hiking shoes (they were versatile for water & hiking). I was happy I had these over some other people who brought big, heavy hiking boots.
For some of the water activities (rafting, canyoneering,waterfall hikes) shorts that you can throw on over a bathing suit and will dry quick are great! The drying quick part is mostly convenient because after an activity, sometimes you had to leave the next day and your clothes will not have time to dry and would smell after a travel day or get your other clothes wet. I rain parka type is good too. Two of the hikes were in pouring rain.
I was surprised how chilly I was in some of the higher mountain ranges and on the buses in Mexico. You'll be happy you have a sweater or a vest. I found a good lightweight jacket was plenty and I had a Northface vest which was warm and served as a pillow sometimes.
As far as sleepwear, some places were so hot I was in underwear and a tank. Others, the bed was gross or had mosquito so I was in lightweight spandex/cotton pants and a long sleeve shirt.
Hope this helps.
Besides my big back pack I also had a regular sized backpack which I ended up using both at the same time. A mini back pack would have been nice for some of the hikes-just enough room for water, light snack, flashlight and camera.
Side note: after two months my hair got really dry from all the ocean and water activities-so I would recommend a good leave in conditioner : )
Hope this helps.
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Re: Packing for the Great Mexico and Central American Journey?

Postby zrixus » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:07 pm

Thank you ReeRee so much for this post! It really helps a lot on what to pack!
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