Cost of Australia?

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Cost of Australia?

Postby ziggzagg » Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:19 pm


My girlfriend and I are looking at spending 6 weeks backpacking from Cairns to Sydney early next year. We'll try to keep is as cheap as possible (due to severely low funds), we'd be travelling mostly by bus I expect, and we'll be happy to stay in hostels etc, although we'd like to have a bit of money for when we're in the big cities.

Just wondering how expensive a trip like that tends to be? I've heard all sorts of estimates bandied about, from £1000 to about £4000... has anyone here done a similar trip in the past?

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Re: Cost of Australia?

Postby desiree2 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:49 am

Hi Ziggzagg
I can understand why you've been told it will cost anywhere between 1000 and 4000 GDP to stay 6 weeks here in Australia. It really depends on where you want to stay, whether you'll be able to self-cater and most importantly what sort of things you want to do. For example, if you want to do things like climb the Harbour Bridge of spend a day on the Great Barrier Reef then those activities are quite expensive. If you want to go out to nightclubs or simply to the pub a few nights a week then that can also add up. Decide on some activities that you want to do and what sort of accommodation you want to stay in and that might give you a better idea. I think it would be quite difficult for 2 people to really enjoy a 6 week stay in Australia on 1000 pounds which is only about AUD$40 a day.
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Re: Cost of Australia?

Postby georginal » Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:34 pm

I don't know whether this will actually help or hinder you, but I did Australia in 3 months a few years back. I still missed a lot out. The whole trip, including flights and insurance cost me approx £5k. Obviously, divide that into half to get your 6 weeks means approx. £2,500. That was 6 years ago. I was travelling alone, hence food was more expensive than travelling with 2 or more. I stayed in hostels, I also took 4 internal flights on that, but also sometimes stayed with some friends along the way.

Whatever you do ensure you have enough money and have your flight booked home. the more cash you have, the less stress it will be. make sure you have some sort of credit card with you, preferably one each. Just in case things don't work out. (sorry to put a dampener on this, but people do split up whilst overseas.) Also make sure you can change your flight easily to get back home (just check the terms and conditions for how much the amendment fee is, (or ask your tavel agent if using one) Or if you know you are doing it on a shoe string, make sure you have someone at home you can contact, so they can put money in your account if needed.
£1,000 does seem to be a bit limiting and there will be always things that you find you want to do that you hadn't bargained for.

Other than that, have a great trip.
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Re: Cost of Australia?

Postby mollyhilton » Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:40 pm

Hi, i live in Australia and have recently been planning a trip quite similar to yours, here's some tips.

- The first thing you have to consider is that the area of Aus is quite large so what seems a short distance on a map can actually be many hours travelling. So be careful when planning your route.

- There is a train ticket that i have found, which is about AU$250 (about 120 pounds i guess) from Sydney to Cairns and as long as you keep travelling the same way (either up or down the coast), im pretty sure you can have as many stops as you like and i think the ticket is valid for about 3 months.

- Food and living expenses are quite expensive here. Breakfasts/lunch can be anywhere from $10-
$20 dollars at least. Dinners from $20-$40. Thats eating out. but if you can make your own food that will cost less, especially because your travelling with two people.

- Hostel beds for the arear you will be travelling in are about $20-$40 (10-20 pounds) per bed per night. but you may be able to work out a cheaper arrangement because you have 2 people (which is usually cheaper) has a really good brochure on Australia and ways to travel around it if you want to take a look. They also feature all of GAPs tours.

Hope this helps a little. Molly
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Re: Cost of Australia?

Postby lilyp » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:26 am

A small tip for Melbourne: public transport there is quite good so you can stay in a cheap hostel a bit further from the CBD and use public transport to get there. It costs either 7AUD or 10AUD(if you stay quite far from the city) for a daily ticket and you can use it on any trains,trams and buses.
You can find cheap Chinese food in the food courts in CBD(about $7-9, and $5 in some places after 5pm), or you can cook for yourself, the grocery stalls at Vic Queen market always sell everything cheap after 5,especially on weekend
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Re: Cost of Australia?

Postby hollysurly » Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:29 am

When you travel Australia, your typical costs tend to look like this:

Hostels: In northern Queensland, you can find hostel prices for about $20 AUD per night. On the west coast, it’s about $24 but from Noosa down to Melbourne (the densely populated east coast), expect to pay $27-$35 per night. The smaller the dorm, the higher the cost. Private rooms range between $65-100 AUD per night.

Food: Your average meal in Australia will run you about $15-20 AUD. A good meal at a nice restaurant will run you about $40. Even McDonald’s is expensive – a value meal is about $8 dollars.

Drinking: For a country of drinkers, they accomplish it actual difficult to do it. Beers will amount about $8. Happy hours and backpacker confined tend to accept bargain drinks and you can usually acquisition a pint of something for $4-5 AUD.

Tours: Tours in Australia are a lot cheaper than in New Zealand and there’s aswell a lot beneath of them to absorb your money on. A archetypal multi-day bout will amount about $200 AUD. A lot of day trips can be begin for $100.

Transportation:You can acquisition bargain busline in Australia if you attending harder enough. But, alfresco of the heavily busy and awful aggressive east coast, it is not consistently that easy. Because of bound competition, aerial is actual big-ticket except on the west coast. It’s generally cheaper to fly than get a bus out there. If you can get a accord on a day-tripper bus, that can be cheaper than Greyhound and flying. On the east coast, Greyhound offers abounding acceptable amount passes and I would yield them over any added transportation. The Cairns to Melbourne canyon is $485.

How to save money in Australia:

Cook. Affable your commons can save you a lot of money. I adapted for a anniversary with pasta, a few meats, accessible commons and I alone spent $60 dollars.

Drink Less. Alcohol causes all acceptable budgets to die. A 6 backpack of beer is $14 AUD. If you wish to save money, alcohol less. Or alcohol aggressor (boxed wine). Aggressor is the abiding admired of travelers. It’s $16 dollars for 4 liters of wine. Actually, it’s not wine. It’s fish, dairy, and milk products- no grapes here. It gives you a analgesic hangover but aswell the a lot of blast for your buck.

Couchsurf. Couchsurf with locals, breach at their place, and save on accommodation. Every night out of the auberge is added money for activities. This is aswell a abundant way to accommodated locals and get complex with the bounded culture.

Buy Packages. Buying tours calm can save you money. In Australia, it’s cheaper to go to a auberge bout board or places like Tribal and book your activities all together. You’ll save added money than booking on your own. Surprising I know.

On the complete minimum budget, I anticipate a adventurer could get by on $77 AUD per day. A lot of humans biking Australia for about a month. If you did the Melbourne to Cairns route, your costs would be $810 for hostels (average amount of $27 per night), $500 for aliment (mixing affable and bistro out), $500 for tours, and $500 for your bus ticket. That account doesn’t awning any bubbler or added costs that ability occur. If you couchsurfed for 5 nights and bought all your own food, you could (in theory) lower your account to $64 per day. (Excluding bubbler or added accidental expenses.)

However, we all apperceive budgets, no amount how able-bodied we plan, get broken. So to awning all your costs and accept a little extra, I’d account $100 AUD per day. You never apperceive what ability happen. Maybe you will accept a big night out or maybe you’ll breach your camera. It’s consistently bigger to leave a country with added money than overspend.

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