Delhi to Kathmandu

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Delhi to Kathmandu

Postby vmcclay » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:27 pm

Hi Guys,

Has anyone been on this tour and can offer tips and pointers? Maybe packing tips or extras not included in the tour? :D


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Re: Delhi to Kathmandu

Postby ladybugz » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:56 pm

Hi Vicki,

I did this tour last March/April and it was fantastic! I definitely recommend doing it in the Delhi to Kathmandu direction - India is so crazy busy it's great to finish off in a much more relaxed Nepal. I took a suitcase with me and I found it was hard pulling this around, especially around the train stations when you have to walk up steep stairs to get from one side to another. I would definitely recommend taking some sort of backpack style luggage. I am doing the 'Beaches and Backwaters' tour next month and I have bought one of these bags especially! I took a lot of tissues and wet wipes with me which came in very handy! Most local bathroom facilities are very very basic, and even after eating it's recommended to use the wet wipes as it's pretty easy to pick up stomach bugs there! I laughed at my friend who brought about 3 giant packs with her, turned out the joke was on me - I ended up using hers. You can't take enough! Depending on the time of year you travel - I found it was very hot in India, but it's a bearable dry heat with no humidity. Bottled water is so cheap and available everywhere. Nepal was a lot cooler, and quite wet when I was there. I bought a cheap copy 'North Face' windbreaker in Pokhara which did the job, and some of the early mornings to watch sunrises can be quite cold, but it heats up quickly during the day.
My BEST investment when I was there was buying a nail brush. My feet got absolutely black dirty each day with all the walking you do, and where you go, so it felt great to have an enormous scrub at the end of the day! I also took some rehydration tablets with me for a couple of reasons. I got ill a couple of times, so this really helped the day after in replacing lost fluids. Also, just good to add to your bottled water as it was so hot when I was there and it's another safeguard against getting dehydrated.
I took a pair of sandals, flip flops and covered sand shoes for walking. That was sufficient and I'll be taking the same when I go back. Mostly, I took light clothes that didnt reveal too much - not that anyone would have cared, but we didn't need the extra attention!
There are also a lot of power outages in both India and Nepal, so a torch would be super handy for those times where you don't have any light!
I hope this helps a bit - feel free to ask any specific questions you may have. It was a great tour and I would recommend to anyone :mrgreen:
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