Questions about things to take

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Questions about things to take

Postby cryck » Sat Apr 28, 2007 1:55 am

I am a 26 year old female going solo on my first GAP tour - Great Mexico and Central American Journey on May 12th. I am excited, but I need some guidance on a few things to take as I will be away for 60 days. I apologize if my questions seem stupid, I'm just a little nervous since I am travelling by myself and I want to make sure I pack only the most essential things!

I know I need to take the local payment in cash, but what should I do for the rest of the money I need. Should I take down some cash and then withdrawl money as I go along? Are ATM's easy to find and will my Royal Bank card work? Will I be able to use my credit card? Should I take US dollars or local money?

I was reading through the list of things to bring on my trip and I was surprised to see that it was recommended that I bring three pairs of pants and only one pair of shorts. Is it okay if I bring capri pants insted of full length pants? Do I really need to bring a fleece top as I'm assuming the weather will be warm?

Will products (shampoo, soap etc) that are scented be more likely to attract bugs? Is it advisable to bring misquito net to go over my bed when I'm sleeping? Will I be okay with one bottle of sunscreen and one bottle of bug spray, or should I bring two of each? If I run out of something, will there be somewhere I can buy it?

I'd really appreciate any input or advice I can get as I want this trip to be exciting and fun.

Thanks, Crystal
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Postby monty » Thu May 10, 2007 1:10 pm

HI Cryck,

There are no stupid questions and yours are valid and asked by most people before they leave for the first time.

Just so you know, most places you are going to will have places to pursschase anythig you have forgotten and it is always nice to purchase locally for clothes you need to replace or have forgotten as they turn into souviners!

As for money, you won't be taking 60 days worth of cash so have a variety of ways to access it. The big 4: cash on hand, small supply of US dollar travellers cheques in small denominations, debit card and credit card. Check with Royal Bank for any specific's about where your card will work, generally you will always find somewhere in the bigger centers to extract money with your debit card. Your leader will be warning you when you need to stock up. Credit cards are usefull, I think Visa is generally the most popular, but you won't be able to use it everywhere. Take enough cash for the local payment and for your first few days at least in a hidden money belt, have a little cash in small bills in your front pocket so that you are not pulling out the big wad of cash to pay for your first taxi and other incidentals upon arrival. Some hotels may have safe's that are useful and otherwise just keep your head u pand you will be fine.

The packing list is just a suggestion, so feel free to pack as you like. Pack light as there will be plenty of opportunity for laundry and shopping enroute and take the fleece as there will be a cool evening along the way somewhere.

As for shampoo and things, take what you need and but the rest along the way, most things are cheap to purchase.

Hope this helps,

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Postby little_miss_sunshine » Thu May 10, 2007 1:13 pm

Hey Cryck!
while you're at it, check out this site:
enjoy your trip!
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Postby Nicc » Wed May 23, 2007 3:00 am

I was so glad to read this! Cryck you sound just like me, same trip, same questions! I go on the 6th of june. And it's amazing how much you can freak out about little things like shampoo!

Is there any clothes that are considered inappropriate to wear in this part of the world? I've heard that it's rude for females to wear shorts, so what are we supposed to wear?? Is this being paranoid? I just don't want to offend or seem under dressed etc.

And also, what is the mosquito situation like in June/July? Is a net required for the hotels we stay in?
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