Peru Panorama lingering questions.

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Peru Panorama lingering questions.

Postby kenrick » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:13 pm

This will be my first trip out of the US, and I have more questions than answers. My friend and I (Alyssa S. and Ken H.) have recently booked our trip with GAP. We will be embarking on the Peru Panorama trip.(PPP) She is the avid traveler, and I am the newby. We both have questions, but I feel I'm the most timid. I am a novice backpacker, but Im questioning the aspects of foreign travel I can't predict. Water-How conveniant is it to obtain safe drinking water? Food-A 2000/day calorie diet is merely my morning snack (metabolism overload!) Should I be bringing additional snack bars etc. or are the supplied meals adequate? Bug repellant-How do I protect myself from unknown, unenvited pests? Inca Trail Sleeping- I have a good sleeping bag, but is it necessary to haul along? Cash-I have read that about $250 US should cover additional costs, and I dont want to have an abundant amount with me. What is a reasonable amount, considering cabs, tips etc? If there is someone that has experienced the similar trip, I would enjoy some of your time to explore my uncertainties. or
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Postby LadyBird » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:25 pm

Hi Kenrick.

I'll try to help with your questions.

-Bottled water is found abundantly in Peru, you can get it everywhere, including on the Inca Trail

-The food is more then plentiful, you can travel with nothing else. Some people like to bring snack bars etc as they prefer the taste of home
-Bring a bug repellent that has deet in it.

-If you have a sleeping bag bring your own. Make sure it's rated for 3 seasons as it can get quite cool at altitude during the night. You can rent one locally but your own bag always seems more comfortable.

-As for the amount of money to bring, only you can tell. I would say on this tour you'll need about $500 USD plus the local payment to cover food/tips/optional activities and expenses. If you are a heavy drinker or smoker or like to shop a lot than you will need some more money than that.
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