Question for Photographers..

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Re: Question for Photographers..

Postby markmol » Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:05 am

Hi Kirsten,
i take a few sd cards & also a small netbook with me & download the pictures. Also depends on what trip you do a few hotels & campsite have wifi so the netbook comes in handy to keep in touch
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Re: Question for Photographers..

Postby kirstenrose » Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:57 am

Okay sweet, I'm actually planning to do a few g adventures tours, ideally want to start with Southern Cross + Amazon, then Cuba Libre, followed by Mayan Sun, before flying up to NYC and staying with friends there for two weeks (to just chill out and rest) before heading over to do an India and Nepal trip (haven't decided which) and the Essential China tour.

Think I will take along a netbook, lots of SD cards for my cameras and maybe a couple USB sticks so I can transfer photos on to them too, as an additional back up to the netbook.

Do all the rooms generally have a couple power outlets to make charging phones, camera batteries and netbooks/laptops etc easy?
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Re: Question for Photographers..

Postby Zuleika » Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:16 pm

kirstenrose wrote:Okay that seems like a good idea... also I keep reading that people say they just take along multiple memory cards to have back ups of their photos.. but it confuses me slightly, how do you copy photos from one memory card to another, do you have to use a computer to do this?

You dont copy, once your memory card is full you use a fresh one, memory cards are cheap so bring loads, enough for your whole trip. The used ones are small enough to be kept safe in your money belt along with your most precious things like passport,cards, money. Your money belt can be kept in the hotel safe - but a lot of the hotel safes are only as big as a shoe box so wont fit an SLR camera or your note book, dont rely on your note book for the only copy of your pics as this is most likely to be the thing stolen I would say - if your unlucky. It would help if your luggage locked too.
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