Belize and Tikal - camping equipment

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Belize and Tikal - camping equipment

Postby katurner22 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:20 pm


I have a few questions about the Checklist for the trip.

Sleeping bag - is it really necessary, or do you think a sleeping bag liner would be good enough considering the tropical climate?

Termarest - the checklist notes that these are provided but the quality may vary. Can you expand on what this means?
Pocketknife - what will this be used for?

Waterbottle - should we not be buying bottled water? I know it's not as eco-friendly, but I wonder if we can take the chance with bottling tap water..

Thanks very much! :D

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Re: Belize and Tikal - camping equipment

Postby mochilera » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:36 pm

Hi Kim!
In response to your questions, the packing list provides a basic idea of what to take, often it really depends on personal preferences. You're right about the tropical climate and a liner would do just fine depending on your camping style. Personally, I like to have a sleeping bag for the coziness factor (no matter what the temperature!) and temperatures can drop at night.
The thermarests are the foamy sort, not too thick, but comfortable enough for a camping excursion.
Bottled water is definitely suggested in that area of the world but a water bottle may come in handy and help to cut down on plastic use. I like to buy the larger bottles of water, stash it in my backpack and dispense it into my own water bottle along the way.
Hope that helps, happy travels!
Cynthia, Adventure Specialist
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