Equipment Rental & Weather for Kili Trek in Aug.

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Equipment Rental & Weather for Kili Trek in Aug.

Postby SandraW » Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:53 pm

I am doing the Kili trek in August and wondering what equipment is available to rent at the base prior to the trek. Are the sleeping bags of good quality or should I bring my own? Also, how cold will it be at the base and up top that time of year? Should I even consider bringing shorts or will it be too cold?


P.S. GREAT site by the way, this is MOST helpful!
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Postby Tesh » Mon Jun 18, 2007 5:23 pm


Hopefully this helps---prices are approximate.

Please find the lists of gears shown below.
Prices are for the entire trek in U.S. dollars, payable in cash in Moshi. It is best to come well outfitted.
Rucksack/Daypack: $10
Balaclava: $5
Normal Sleeping Bag –10C.Temp $15
Mont bell Sleeping Bag –25C.Temp
The North Face Sleeping Bag: -25C. Temp
Batteries: $ 30
$ 30
Socks: $3
Duffel Bag: $5
Hiking Poles (2) $10
Gaiters: $7
Torch/Flashlight: $7
Gloves: $5
Sweater: $4
Sunglasses: $7
Long Underwear: $3
Raincoat: $5
Rain Pants: $5
Hiking Boots: $8
Water Bottle: $4
Fleece Pants: $5
Warm Jacket: $7
Hat: $4
• We provide tents and foam sleeping pads at no charge.
• Sunglasses are available for purchase in the gift shop for $10.
• Oxygen is available for $30/group.
• Hyperbaric Pressure Bags: $100/group.

How cold does it get on Kilimanjaro?
The temperature at the top of the mountain can vary widely. Sometimes it is only a degree or two below freezing, but visitors should be prepared for possible temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius, especially in conjunction with wind.

During the day temperature at 4000m tends to be 15°C. When the sun is covered,temperatures drop. At night, temperature falls to -10°C. At the summit, temperatures are about 5°C during the day and drop to between -18°C and -22°C at night.
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