Allergies & Travel - Costa Rica or GAP in general

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Allergies & Travel - Costa Rica or GAP in general

Postby java » Thu May 24, 2007 9:37 pm

I have severe allergies - anaphylactic to dairy and cats (I know very weird but nonetheless it exists).


(1) Has anyone had experience dealing with this on tour, particularly in Costa Rica (I will learn all the spanish words for dairy products before leaving :D I speak English and some French now but my Spanish is almost non-existant)

(2) The family run hotels - are their pets on premises? I am trying to decide whether to go for comfort class if this means it we will be at larger more American-like hotels in which it will be less likely that cats will be on the premises. Small family run hotels, be they in Canada or elsewhere, always make me apprehensive for this reason.

What is the difference between comfort and original? I appreciate any advise you have.

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Postby autark » Fri May 25, 2007 12:24 pm

can't speak to the cat allergies, but my wife is allergic to dairy... when we went on a tour through Mexico w/GAP we let our tour leader know and he was very helpful pointing us in the right direction with meals... fortunately not a lot of dairy in average Mexican food anyway, and I spoke a little Spanish too, but use the tour leader as a resource, that's what they're there for (and can translate wherever you are eating)
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