Greek Islands Sailing post Brazil Tall Ship

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Greek Islands Sailing post Brazil Tall Ship

Postby Kelly.Barrowcliffe » Mon May 07, 2007 2:49 pm

Hi, just had the most incredible experience in Brazil (Tall Ship Sailing on Tocorime, and time in Rio), and now I can't go back to normal life. Thanks GAP (that is both sarcastic and genuine!). I want to build on the experience with more sailing -the Greek islands stand out as an obvious choice. I'm looking at the full 22 days.

Do the islands become repetitive? Do the passengers change each leg? Do you get a chance to work the boat (this is a good thing)? Do the passengers tend to stick together (as a solo traveller, a goal is to become part of a group (for safety and fun))? What, if any, complaints surface about this trip?

Any and all info would be appreciated. I've been hunting for the inspiration from other travellers to put me over the edge and book it!

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Postby vinnie » Mon May 07, 2007 5:26 pm

As to some of your questions:
1 - Passengers can and do change on each leg (each week) of the trip. The number who change and the number who do multiple weeks (2 weeks or 3 weeks) is different from one sailing to another.
2- Passengers tend to stay together. Most have never been to the islands before and being part of a group helps. In addition, on some of the smaller islands there are few facilities.
3 - Yes you do get a chance to work the boat. In fact as there is only a crew of one (the skipper) it is almost impossible if the passengers do not do some of the work of running the boat.
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