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Re: Paying is US$

Postby georginal » Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:47 pm

ExplorerWannaBe wrote:
leahlovestravel wrote:
willow0516 wrote:Like others have said, USD are widely accepted and the preferred currency of some (non-US) countries.

Preferred? Not really....I'd totally agree with the points TravelFun has said.

willow0516 is correct, USD are preferred in some countries. I found people preferred to get USD in Argentina, Tanzania, and Zambia among other places. In fact, I occasionally got a better-than-official exchange rate for paying in USD but I would never assume people want to get USD -- particularly in a country that has a stable economy.

There are unfortunately some arrogant Americans out there just as there are arrogant Europeans and people of other nationalities but I hope (suspect?) the myths and perceptions of arrogant Americans is more widespread than the reality these days.

Goodness me this one's going on isn't it? Those poor American's have taken a bit of a bashing here and I hope Explorer's right about it being a myth. But they do still have the most tradable currency there is so there will be other countries with weaker currencies accepting it. Look at Zimbabwe using the USD rather than the ZImbabwean one to get back on its feet. If you're an ex-pat in the Middle East, you may well have a USD account to buy bigger purchases with as well as your local currency account to. On another count I took my Great British Pounds to Africa thinking it would be easy to exchange the cash. It worked as far as South Africa and Namibia was concerned and after that needed USD's to exchange instead. Local currency is not always best. You shouldn't assume and should always do your research and educate yourself first.

On another note, English might said to be the Universal language, but it's actually getting less and less so.
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Re: Paying is US$

Postby foggybridges » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:17 pm

kat6942 wrote:Most Americans don't travel or care what happens outside of their borders, so partially ignorance, partially arrogance, and partially exposure. Those that do travel a little tend to go to resort towns in the Caribbean and Mexico that gladly take American dollars.


How incredibly rude and untrue.

I'm an American and in my 23 years on earth have already managed to get to 40 countries, lived abroad as well. Haven't been to the Carib or Mexico in 10 years... But I HAVE used my USD in Zimbabwe, where it is the currency. I've also been asked if I could pay in USD in India, Turkey, Tanzania and Hungary among others.

We do care what happens outside our borders, and there are a lot of us whole love to travel. And I don't use the word 'Travel' when I refer to going to a resort on a beach somewhere, that's 'vacationing'.

Funny, for someone who is so much 'better' than us Americans, you are quick to judge and draw a conclusion on all people in a country of 300million+, which I see as petty and dense.
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