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Famous for its enormous icebergs, towering glaciers and shimmering summer light, Antarctica offers some of the planet's most awe inspiring landscapes. The North Atlantic and Arctic evoke images of sparse snow covered lands, but when summer comes it bursts with colour and life.

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Re: Ask an expert

Postby justdoug! » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:57 pm

GoPro makes a small mount that accepts a snap in type of deal, and that mount has a single use sticky tape on it; peel and stick. Some of the boats already have one, but bring one that fits a "flat surface" and one for "curved surface", and then you will have a choice as when you get assigned a boat. They're cheap and sold by GoPro. Once you attach it to the kayak, it will stay there well secured. The suction cup mount doesn't hold well on the Kayak surface.

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Aboard the MS Exhibition

Postby wetduck » Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:09 am

I have a few questions on traveling on the ship:
1. The electricity on the ship requires what type of adaptor? I am assuming it is 220 so a convertor is required.
2. Unless we really have to, we do not want to take a laptop but we need to transfer pictures from the camera card to an external hard drive, what computers are available in the computer room?

We are traveling on the 02/25 trip...... I can hardly wait.
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Re: Ask an expert

Postby celestial-navigation » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:49 am

Wetduck, a recent traveller here - it's 220v European two pin plugs needed. There are also only two sockets in the cabin so bring an extension lead if you think you'll need more!

The computers are iMac with a full array of card readers and USB slots to easily transfer things to an ext HD - but worth checking that your HD is read/write from a Mac as some windows formatted ones have issues.

You're going to have such a fab time!
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Re: Ask an expert

Postby actgrc » Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:24 pm

psyclonejack75 wrote:Thanks for the info justdoug!

Yes, I have booked the cruise plus reserved a kayak seat and a sleeping bag to camp.

Is there a particular GoPro mount I should be looking to buy? ie suction cup? Jaws? attachment or just find some self stick tape ???

You won't need a sleeping bag. They are supplied by G Adventures and are designed for very cold conditions. Fortunately, the weather was wonderful on Christmas Eve, and my husband and I spent an incredible night on the continent. Waking up Christmas morning and seeing the glaciers, water, and penguins was beautiful!
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Re: Ask an expert

Postby dancos » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:34 pm

Hi Alex:
We will be onboard to Antarctica starting on Jan 29 2014.
I have few questions to ask:
-The boots they give us : are we going to use them on land or are only for the zodiacs. Are they good for hiking on land or we need to brink special boots?
-Can I accommodate somewhere a DSLR when kayaking? At least to have it on land?
-Is the parka they give us enough? We plan to bring only a fleece and no jacket.
-Is the parka good for the camping also?
Thanks a lot
Dan C |Toronto
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Re: Ask an expert

Postby alexcowan » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:39 pm


They are Prijon double sea kayaks (Excursion I think) and very similar to other sea kayaks generally, so it will be the same as when you deal with cameras normally. If all you want is to bring something ashore then you can put it in the safety Zodiac.

The boots we give you are standard rubber Wellington boots and you can use them everywhere you want. They're fine for walking ashore but not very warm. It's up to you if you want to bring different shoes for on shore. You will need the boots to land from the Zodiacs, so just bring your other shoes in a bag and get changed on the beach if that's what you decide to do. Unless you need particularly good ankle support I would just bring lots of thick socks.

Everyone seems happy with the parka for everything they do, it's a warm jacket.
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Re: Ask an expert

Postby mlhodgson » Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:45 pm


Just wondering how long daylight hours are going to be like in mid-late November?

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Re: Ask an expert

Postby jenb22 » Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:33 am

Hi Guys,

I posted in 'the departure lounge' but have had no replies so hope someone can help with my question?

We are doing the Feb 24 Quest as well! Cant wait as this has been a dream for many years. Ill take a big breath once onboard. We have signed up for the kayaking but are a bit worried that my husband (Andy) who is very tall may not have the correct fittings in the kayak to accommodate his long legs when using the rudder pedals? Has anyone had any experience with the kayaks used on this tour? Would love to hear? Looking forward to meeting other passengers on this trip! Counting down the days.

Jenny and Andy :?
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