Famous for its enormous icebergs, towering glaciers and shimmering summer light, Antarctica offers some of the planet's most awe inspiring landscapes. The North Atlantic and Arctic evoke images of sparse snow covered lands, but when summer comes it bursts with colour and life.

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Postby keppel » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:46 am

Hi all: I'm on the Buenos Aires, Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica sailing in October 2013. I am curious about currency. Obviously in BA and Ushuaia I will need argentina pesos (going a week ahead of time to tango up a storm in BA). But as the Falklands and South Georgia are British protectorates, will I need GBP? I'm from Vancouver so will also be carrying a few American $$s for the 8 hour stop in Houston both ways so am tring to plan ahead with all the different currencies. I understand there is a small grift shop on the South Georgia islands where stamps from there can be purchased and a post office. (How cool is that!). If I am wrong about this, I would appreciate current info. Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Currency

Postby Karn » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:27 am

I just took the Spirit of the Shackleton in January. You definitely need Argentinian Pesos for Buenos Aires, but in most places they will take US dollars. I am also from Canada and I got a better exchange rate buying US then exchanging the US in Argengina for pesos or paying in US and getting pesos as change. Our dollar was better than the US dollar at the time. To exchange Canadian it was 4 pesos to 1 dollar and in Argentina it was 5 pesos to 1 US dollar. It depends on where you are the exchange rate you get in Argentina.

In the Falklands they take US, British Pound and their own Falklands currency. If you pay with cash they will give change in their Falkland currency.

In South Georgia the gift shop is all listed in British pounds, but will take US. In the post office I paid for everything in US.

Don't forget about sending a post card from Antarctica! If you are able to get to it Port Lockroy has a gift shop and they take US as well.

All the gift shops you go to will take Visa and Mastercard.

Have an amazing time! South Georgia is breathtaking! :D
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Re: Currency

Postby jen_the_rockhopper » Wed May 29, 2013 7:14 pm

I was on the same trip as Karn and mostly I used American $$$ even though I am canadian and I also made great use of credit card LOL (and boy did the bills reflect it when I got home :lol: )

it was so worth it though
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