Southern Thailand Delights

Ancient temples swallowed by the jungle, rice paddies, local markets, stunning beaches, fiery cuisine, smoking incense at the feet of a golden Buddha, and the friendliest locals around.

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Southern Thailand Delights

Postby mads » Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:30 am


I'm planning on going on this trip sometime next Jan with a couple of friends and was wondering what it was like for anyone who has been on the trip before?

- What sort of accommodation do you get if you go on original/comfort style tours
- Which beaches do we get access to?
- And generally, did you find it was a good tour?

any info would be much appreciated :)
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Re: Southern Thailand Delights

Postby wunderluster » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:12 am

Hi, I just returned from this trip (which also included Northern Highlights) but the Southern Highlights itinerary looks like the same one we did.

-- The comfort level hotels are very nice. We were impressed with the resorts & very comfortable.
-- I don't know all the beach names but in Koh Samui we had beach access from the resort we stayed at so there was no need to find a beach (you could if you wanted to on the free day). In Krabi we were walking distance from the beach & I actually found the beaches in Krabi a lot more to my liking.
-- You'll take boat tours from both Koh Samui & Krabi & those boat tours will give you some time at different beaches that are only accessible by boat so you'll have that as well.

Yes, we thought the tour was great. The beaches were really relaxing after spend the previous week in the north exploring. If you have time, consider doing more than just the beaches. I guess it depends on how far you're traveling to take this trip but we traveled pretty far & were glad we did more than just the beaches.

The tour guide was amazing & we had a good group. If you're still thinking about it-- just book it already!
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