Vietnam on a shoestring

Ancient temples swallowed by the jungle, rice paddies, local markets, stunning beaches, fiery cuisine, smoking incense at the feet of a golden Buddha, and the friendliest locals around.

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Vietnam on a shoestring

Postby aussiekatie » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:25 pm

Hi all!

I'm going on this trip at the start of May and was hoping for some advice- I'm travelling solo for the first time and have no idea what to expect! It would be great if anyone could answer any of my questions or give me any advice from their own experience...

- Should I take a power adaptor (I'm from Oz)? And if so do I also need a converter? I've been reading mixed advice on travel forums so not sure if I should just wait and buy one when I arrive.

- How does everyone keep their stuff safe when at the beaches etc? Like, will we leave our passports/valuables in a motel or take them with us?

- Is it best to take AUD dollars with me and get it exchanged at the airport on arrival in Ho Chi Minh, or should I do it in Aust. first? Also, my bank ensured me my visa debit card will work in atms over there, but I've heard stories of cards being swallowed- should I be ok with a little cash and reliance on my card??

- twin share- is it same sex or mixed? I'm assuming it depends on tour size and m/f ratio, but I'd be interested on hearing other people's experiences (Ok, I'm a 20-something female travelling solo and my bf is worried I'll have to share with a creepy old guy lol)

Any comments, especially from those who may have done this tour before would be greatly appreciated! I'm soooo nervous but equally as excited!

Thanks :)
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Re: Vietnam on a shoestring

Postby sheilab » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:37 pm

You'll have a great time! In my experience sharing rooms is same sex only. ATMs are not a problem and they are everywhere.
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