Roam Vietnam Dec

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Roam Vietnam Dec

Postby jess122 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:20 am

Hey all,

I was just trying to put together a packing list for my trip in Dec to Vietnam (Ho Chi Min to Hanoi). Just wondering is it a super active trip? What shoes should I bring? I was thinking a pair of runners and a couple of sandles that are good for walking.

Does it get cold? Actually cold? I'm from Canada and it looks like the coldest it gets is room temperature. Haha. Do I need a raincoat or will an umbrella do?

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Re: Roam Vietnam Dec

Postby byblyk » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:37 pm


I did the Classic Vietnam in Feb of 2011 and loved it! I'm from Canada as well. While i was there there was a heatwave going on so in Saigon it was 40+, very energy sapping but the further north you go the cooler it gets. In Hanoi and halong bay it ranged from between 12 and 20.

As far as footwear i just wore a pair of sneakers while i was there and then flip flops for china beach and while i was in Hoi Ann. I can't speak for your trip but the trip i did was fairly active, with bike rides through the country and motorbike tours, outings everyday to different sights or exploring the cities that we were staying in.

If you're going in the rainy season then yeas a raincoat will be required if not then i wouldn't worry about it. Vietnam is a very beautiful place filled with lots of history and culture. You'll have a blast, I can't speak highly enough of my time there.

PS. Take care crossing the streets while in Saigon and Hanoi. You'll see what i mean when you get there... haha.
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Re: Roam Vietnam Dec

Postby mikka » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:14 pm

Hi Jess,

We did a Roam Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi) and I can assure you that I don't need to worry about the trip being super active. The walking part is quite decent. You will not be forced to walk very long distances and I'm sure that you will be able to keep up with the others. You will have the choice to do motorbike tours, but this will not imply a lot of effort as you will have a driver all the time.

Our trip was in the rainy season, but out of 14 days in Vietnam, we only had 1 hour of heavy rain. As you are going in December, you should not be so worried about heavy rains. There will probably be some showers around, but with a waterproof jacket you will be able to walk into the rain.

As regards the weather, you should consider not taking with you lots of worm clouts as the temperature will be around 35/40 Celsius degrees.

We had a great time on our Roam Vietnam trip, so I hope that you will to.

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