Trick or treat trivia info

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Trick or treat trivia info

Postby jimshu » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:12 pm

Trick or treat trivia answers and info.viewtopic.php?f=63&t=8139#p33572
We've had results, drawn by ballot from those that answered correctly.

And just to provide background info to the questions.---check this link out-

I could always tell when a new elephant group was on its way to the waterhole, not by vocalizations, by smell or even sight. It was the behaviour of the group present that always gave it away. First, they would stop drinking and freeze. Then slowly, several of them would lean forward with ears flat at their sides, putting more weight onto their front legs and orienting themselves in the direction of the incoming group. Over time, this consistent pattern got me wondering whether it might be possible for elephants to detect the vibrations of other elephant footfalls. They were clearly investing their effort in assessing the ground rather than scanning the air with their ears to detect acoustic hints of their waterhole rivals.

I set up experiments to test my idea and sure enough, when I played back the seismic component of an elephant alarm call through the ground, I got the response that I had anticipated. Again, the elephants stopped drinking and froze, facing in the direction of the source of the seismic cue. Then slowly, and almost imperceptibly, the older females fanned out with the youngsters under their bellies. There are few times in a scientist’s career when one can witness such a satisfying result. I chronicle this intriguing discovery and discuss other interesting elephant behaviour in my book The Elephant’s Secret Sense (Oneworld, 2007).
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