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Postby moreana » Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:05 pm

lsamchuk wrote:Hello,
I just came across a couple of waterproof camera bags for mini digital cameras that are supposed to keep your camera safe up to around 15 feet. My Fuji Finepix Z3 is in the list of compatible cameras for one of them. They are really cheap (around $30) which makes me suspect. I was wondering if anyone has used one of these? One was the DiCAPac WP-700 Waterproof Case and the other was from Aquapac.

Thanks! :)

I bought that ziplock bag type for the camera and used it in the last vacation. Mine is the Aquapac, which I brought from Mountain Equipment Coop in their store. MEC generally carries good products so I took the chance. I did have a leak, but it was because the camera strap was caught in the seal... when the instructions were properly followed, no problems. I even have a video of my boyfriend snorkling underwater. I was really happy for the $35 CAD I spent on it. I would recommend it if you're on a budget. I was even happier when we were able to take our camera with us when we went into a cave that was half submerge underwater leading into a beach and lagoon on the other side. No other tourist had a camera with them and I could feel the camera envy!

If you're looking at purchasing a new camera, then getting a waterproof camera would be good... it's also a good idea to have a backup camera on a vacation anyway.

The one issue with taking pictures in the bag was that sometimes the image warps and can be difficult to operate the buttons. But we took enough pictures that some of them turned out really well and were really awesome. I'm so happy with our pictures. If you had the hard case from any of the camera manufacturers, this would not be the issue, but the case itself is the same price as the camera itself... We will be purchasing one of the waterproof cameras because there will be no image warping and the buttons should be easier to operate without a cover on it.

Would not recommend using a DSLR because you're going to have to carry it for the rest of your vacation. We had a Nikon D200 with us and my boyfriend is a professional photographer, but it does get heavy and doesn't work well if you're just wanting to go have fun on a night out in the town. So unless you are selling your images commercially, your pocket camera would take satisfactory picture of your vacations. Our last vacation was the first time he took an DSLR with him. The last 3 years, he just used his pocket camera and his colleagues were impressed that it was taken with his Canon SD models (i.e. SD 600). Just learn how to use your camera capabilities properly.
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Re: Waterproof Camera

Postby nathlint » Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:56 pm


I recently bought the Olympus 790 waterproof camera. So far have only used it under normal conditions, but I bought it because I have spent 3 summers and probably many more (including this summer) as a wilderness canoe guide in the Boundary Waters. I was always limited by the disposable waterproof ones, and this too adds up after some time and doesnt have flash. So i am really excited with my new purchase.

I read that some people were not happy with the picture quality, and I admit that on the screen it does not always look good, but once I transferred them to my computer they were of the same excellent quality as my old camera!

So I cannot wait to use it this time summer, even though I will probably worry a bit the first time i take it underwater.

Anyone have any idea how long it can stay underwater??
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Re: Waterproof Camera

Postby globe_roam » Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:03 pm

While in Cairns (in Queensland, Australia) my friend and I rented an underwater Canon Powershot (not sure of the model) with underwater housing... until then I had only ever used an underwater disposable camera... but after going digital it's hard to go back. I was soo impressed at how clear and of good quality the pictures were!

More people should get into this business... it seems like as long as you're near water worth taking pictures in you're bound to make a bundle.
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