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Posting Photos Guidelines

Postby rayy » Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:06 pm

As a member of the G.A.P Adventures Forum, you are able to post and view other members' photos in the "Travel Photography, Writing & Blogs" forum ONLY. Please note that you must be a REGISTERED USER in order to post or view any photos. Uploading your photos to the forum is simple; enter your message then go to the "Add an Attachment" section. Click Browse... and locate the photo on your local computer. The photo must be in either the gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tga or tif format and cannot exceed 256KB in size. In the "File Comment" textbox, please make sure to enter the location where the image was taken. Click Add Attachment and your photo will be attached to your message. A maximum number of 5 attachments is allowed per post.
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