Scary Halloween Tales.

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Scary Halloween Tales.

Postby jimshu » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:58 pm

I'm sure we can scare the pants of each other...
Here's a wee tale to kick it off.
On our trip around Ethiopia and Scotland there were several weird happenings.
Under Edinburgh's Royal Mile, recently rediscovered is a warren of covered over old cellars,streets houses.Covered over after the Black Death era, and long since forgotten, reopened about 1979 I think.Anyway today, walking tours take you under to explore this damp, dark, unlit labyrinthe.
So we sign on for the Dungeons and ghosts tour and get shown around the hanging sites, and then go underground..... Our guide takes our group of 19 down and through several cellars,telling us about all the ghosts etc that have been seen down there.
So as we walk into one of the larger cellars, I am not quite sure why, but being towards the front, I walk in to the cellar and go to the far end and place myself in the very left corner...just because I thought I felt most comfortable there.Just seemed to me I should be there, no where else.I'm now looking back at everyone else, arranged in a semi-circle with our guide against the end wall facing back at them.I'm on his right.

Anyway he starts telliing us all about the 3 ghosts that inhabit the room.And then he gets to the last and turns to point at my corner, directly at me and says "And in this corner there is a cobbler!"


"He's a nice guy.Older, slightly balding and he's looked at all your shoes you're wearing.And he likes you all being here" Sure, I'd sized everyone up by then.And I'm quite nice,...often.

I'm straight faced,reach out and hug this 'ghost' standing next to me,my arm around thin air as if hugging a friend.My wife is cracking up.I don't let on that indeed there is a cobbler right in the spot he pointed to.

Then we get taken into a room for a wine in another underground cellar and everyone by now is scared and start telling of their past encounters with ghosts.Now normally that would be an entre for me to get going, but strangely I shut up and kept quiet and never let on , that indeed there was a cobbler standing in that corner. In fact there were 2! So how did I know it was the right place for me to stand? All I remember is thinking to myself I would feel most comfortable standing there.That was where I should be.

My wife meantime is rearing to get going and tell the guide that she did see the cobbler standing there.Well she certainly did! And still wonders why I didn't let on that I was in fact a cobbler.Perhaps it was between me and my cobbler mate to share in?

(We aren't cobblers really,that's a shoe repairer, the term for us shoemakers is cordwainers but people commonly refer to us as cobblers.)
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