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Re: Weird travel stories

Postby edwannatravel » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:55 pm

mrzeszow wrote:It really is a small world. I always laugh whenever I start the same conversation. The last time was in a small airport in Katowice, Poland (which is NOT a major hub):

"Hey, so where are you from?"
"Me too, I'm from Toronto"
"Me too"
"Oh, so you know the area, I'm actually from the suburbs. I live in {name a city}"
"Me too, where in {name of city}"
"{name an intersection}"
"Okay, small world, I live on {name a street}"
"Me too...."
"Wow, you're the one with the house with the ...."

I have met way too many neighbors over the years everywhere BUT on my street. Never ceases to amaze me.

Mine was a bit similar but different. In Israel, I met the person who lived in my apartment up until a week before I moved into it, who coincidentally moved out to move into the same apartment building I moved out of. One apt was in Michigan, the other Rhode Island.
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