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Need Traveling Suggestions

Postby henryivane » Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:50 am

I am planning to surprise my wife on our wedding anniversary with a travel tour package gift. I am interested in travel to Turkey. Which places are good to visit in Turkey with my wife? Can any one share your traveling experience in Turkey.
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Re: Need Traveling Suggestions

Postby Zuleika » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:14 pm

I LOVE Turkey and highly recommend it - its so interesting and steeped with history - I had no idea!!
I flew to Istanbul - which is lovely and interesting but be prepared for the cruise ships which ruin it somewhat and make it very crowded.
From there to Ankara via the Ataturk mausoleum which I loved as I had read up on Ataturk and how he has made Turkey what it is today is fascinating - really recommend reading up on him before you go.
Then went to Goreme where the volcanic cones are, and underground homes on the way, Rose valley is also nice.
Then Cappadocia which is famous for the Fairy chimneys, very picturesque. and you can do a balloon flight here.
Konya was a bit touristy, I don't recommend the whirling dervishes.
Then we went down to Kas on the coast which is lovely, I really recommend it and there are some lovely interesting relaxing boat trips out from here, spend a few days here if you can, the town has a lovely feel.
From here go up to Aphrodisias which IMO is by FAR and away the best ruins in Turkey and because its inland (no cruise ships!) is not too touristy - the great stadium is stunning and you will not see any thing else like it as far as I know. My FAV place in Turkey.
Caunos and Dalyan riverboat cruise is very nice.
Pamukkale next, touristy but still good. Do the Hierapolis ruins and gate of Domitian throu to one of the most stunning Amphitheatres first which are all behind the travertine steps of Pamukkale. Finish up at Pammukale for the stunning sun set ++++
Ephesus - WAY too touristy the cruise ships stop here and the place is overrun - not so good - get to Ephesus at 7.30 before the cruise ships arrive - you are let in at 8 - RUN down the main street right the way to the bottom and take your photos of the great and famous library before the masses arrive and swamp it and then go back up and start again slowly.
The Anzac, GB and Turkish memorials are worth alook at Gallipolli although there is nothing much at Troy.
We stopped at other places all along, some of the best places are the little visited - and there greatly enjoyed amphitheatres along the way - sometimes we had these great places all to ourselves which was wonderful.

And then last year my friends and I did a Gulet cruise week round the bottom of Turkey around Marmaris Fetiye etc - was WONDERFUl and so relaxing - and sooooooo lazy - so this is another great option to look into also.

You'll have a great time what ever you do, The Turks and warm and friendly relaxed nation and very welcoming. I deof intend to go back.
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Re: Need Traveling Suggestions

Postby belihann » Sat May 11, 2013 11:09 pm

My husband and I travelled to Turkey on our own for two weeks then joined the G Adventure tour for 21 days. We stayed in Istanbul for a week and did nothing but relaxed, absorbing the beauty of the city at a snail pace. Treat yourself with a knowledgeable private guide when you visit Hagia Sophia - it is a great start to learn about the history of Turkey. We also stayed in Gallipoli to learn more about WWI history and did a lot of walks/hikes there. We ventured on our own, used public buses, talked to local people, and of course enjoyed Turkish food everyday. The G Adventure tour was also amazing, lots of fun and tons to learn. I agree with Zuleika's numerous suggestions therefore, you really can't go wrong wherever you go in Turkey.
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