Rabies Vaccination

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Re: Rabies Vaccination

Postby Coralie » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:06 pm

I would just like to clarify a few points on this subject. I had to do quite a bit of recherche a few years back when I was first confronted with this issue.

1- Once contracted, rabies is universally fatal.

2- Once exposed, you have about 24 hours before you have a chance of being infected.

3- So, if you have not been vaccinated, once you are exposed you have about 24 hours (the less time, the better) to get the wound properly cleansed, to get immunoglobulins injected (these are not accessible in every country and even in countries where they are available, you can usually only get them in larger cities) and then, you still need to get the full vaccinations. As well, you have to be aware of the fact that clean needles are not available everywhere and that immunoglobulins are a blood product ans as such having to receive them puts you at risk for all blood transmitted diseases.

4- However, if you have been vaccinated, you no longer need to get the immunoglobulins, but you still only have between 24 to 48 hours to get the rest of the vaccination series.

5- The length of validity of the vaccination is not properly known. You know that the vaccines are good for at lest 1 year, but could be good for longer. If you do run into the situation where you would need to be re-vaccinated, it is recommended that you get your antibody titer checked as you might not need vaccination, or possibly just a booster. (Personally, 3 years after originally being vaccinated, the situation came up again, I got my antibody titer checked, and didn't even need a booster)

Hope this helps
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